'How I Met Your Father' Pays Tribute to Bob Saget

The Hulu series remembered the late comedian at the end of the first episode.

How I Met Your Father paid tribute to Bob Saget.

Saget, who died at the age of 65 on Jan. 9, served as the narrator for nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, the predecessor to the new Hulu comedy. At the end of the first episode of How I Met Your Father, which dropped Tuesday, the series remembered the late comedian and actor with an in memoriam card.

The loving tribute aired right before the end credits and reads, "In loving memory of Bob Saget."


Saget provided the voice for the older version of Ted Mosby, who recounted the nine-season-long story to his kids of how he met their mother on HIMYM. Josh Radnor, who played Ted in the present day, remembered Saget in a touching tribute following news of his death.

"Bob Saget was the older wiser ‘me' for nine years on How I Met Your Mother. He was the kindest, loveliest, funniest, most supportive man. The easiest person to be around. A mensch among mensches," the actor wrote on Twitter. "I had so much imposter syndrome when HIMYM started, thought I’d be found out, kicked off set & sent home. When I'd run into Bob on the Fox lot in those early days he'd gush over my performance & tell me how he was studying me to make sure his vocal performance felt right."

"I’m endlessly grateful that HIMYM brought Bob Saget into my life. I’ll hear his voice in my head for the rest of my days," Radnor emotionally reflected.

HIMYM co-creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays both remembered Saget as "someone so funny, soulful and kind."

"We cast Bob because there is something so gentle and knowing and comforting in his voice, and that combined with the quickness of his wit is just a rare form of beauty," Thomas shared.

Bays added: "There was simply no better guy. He was the best. Sending love to the many, many, many people who are heartbroken right now. I can't think of anyone whose memory will be more of a blessing."

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