How Jacob Knight's New Show 'Love & Listings' Humanizes His Father Suge Knight (Exclusive)

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Jacob Knight, the son of Death Row Records founder Suge Knight, intends to shine a light on another side of his father with his new VH1 show, Love & Listings.

ET's Melicia Johnson recently sat down with Jacob to discuss his new reality TV venture and how it could change people's perceptions of his famous dad.

"The show humanizes him," Jacob says of the show in regard to his father. "The Four Seasons hotels get bad marks but people still go to them. Just because somebody says something bad about you doesn't mean you have to stop what you're doing. ...You know, my father played for the L.A. Rams, my father co-founded Death Row Records, the greatest record label of the West Coast...he created me and my brothers and sisters. I just want to make that man proud, make my family proud, make myself proud."

Love & Listings follows Jacob as he works to get his real estate license and climb the ladder in L.A.'s luxury real estate industry. But clearly there's much more to it. A promo for the show reveals that Jacob has his first conversation with his father in three years.

"I'm opening up my life for people to see and learn from me. ...I mean, my name is Suge Knight. So, people always want to bring up my father. The only thing I can do is just make him proud and show my story... Day to day, I write letters to my father, it's just... He can keep that, hold onto it. It's memories. I mean, that guy is a big book to me. He's one of the smartest men I know."

Suge was arrested three years ago and found guilty of voluntary manslaughter after hitting two men with his car following an alleged dispute on the set of the film Straight Outta Compton. One victim did not survive the collision and Suge was sentenced to 28 years in prison. Jacob explains that he's motivated to re-establish the Knight name, while also making his dad proud from afar.

"I wanted to work so that, even if I couldn't talk to him, he could read about something good about himself," Jacob says. "That's the way I feel you could change perspective."

Jacob also discussed his many posts about Tupac Shakur, the beloved rapper who died in a shooting in Las Vegas in 1996.

"He was my godfather," Jacob shares. "You know, a lot of Tupac's lyrics [are] based off of my father's life. Like 'Picture Me Rolling,' based off my father's life. Watching the show and going on this journey with me, you pretty much figure out what's going on. You learn so much about our family."

 Check out the full chat up above.

Love & Listings airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on VH1.


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