How Jennifer Lopez Helps Ben Affleck Bring Out 'His Best Self'

The pair rekindled their romance in 2021.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s love is real! The pair, who rekindled their romance last year, have found balance and support in each other - - while continuing their careers.  

"Ben and Jen have both been busy working. Ben is just happy with life right now and it's been a while since his friends have seen him in such positive spirits. Jen helps bring out his best self,” a source tells ET. 

"His career is going well, and he has so many projects lined up. He is really proud of The Last Duel and happy that Matt and him got to do it together. Jen is so supportive and is always pumping him up and saying how talented he is. He has been working out as well and feels great," the source continues. "He has always been funny, creative, smart and caring, but the difference lately is he is always smiling and happy. You can tell he just is so positive and appreciative of how great things are going right now.” 

The source adds about the inspiring romance, “It took him ups and downs to get to this place. He loves Jennifer and says she makes him a better person and motivates him to work hard. He wants to take care of her, even though she doesn't need him to. That is just the type of guy he is." 


Affleck, 49, and Lopez, 52, confirmed that they were back together in May of 2021, after the singer’s split with then-fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The couple, dubbed “Bennifer,” began dating in 2002, got engaged in 2003, but sadly called off the wedding. The famous pair officially split in 2004.  

Affleck’s best friend, Matt Damon, was one of the many people happy that the pair gave their love a second chance. Last year, the Stillwater actor admitted that the media wasn’t kind to the duo the first time around.

"I have to say, the press was particularly terrible to them, like, 18 years ago," Damon said during an appearance on Desus & Mero

In December, the Tender Bar star confirmed that media attention played a part in the relationship’s demise.

"I would say it was about 50 percent [of what destroyed our relationship]. The idea that people hate you and they hate you together and that being together is poison and ugly and toxic and the thing none of us want to be part of,” Affleck said on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show.

“And who the f**k would want to have them to dinner? And what the f**k are they doing together?’”   

He continued: "I got f**king hurt and angry and felt like a fool.”

Affleck, who shares three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, said that there was hesitation when it came to getting back together -- simply because he’s protective of his children. 

“Well, look, my responsibility to my children is the highest responsibility I have,” he said. “So I won't do anything that's painful or destructive to them if I can help it.”