How Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Other Latinx Stars Are Promoting Self-Care During Quarantine

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If there was ever a time to be kind to ourselves, it’s now. As we continue to practice social distancing and quarantine in our homes, it’s important not to lose track of our own wellbeing. 

The phrase “cuidate mija,” often sweetly said by our abuelitas, is at the core of many messages being shared by Latinx celebrities who are using their platform to share what sparks joy in their life and how they are finding ways to nurture their mind and body during this difficult time. 

“I cried this AM while watching the news, not gonna front - been having waves of ⬆️⬇️ ,” Jessica Alba shared on Instagram. Over the past month, the actress and entrepreneur has allowed fans into her home in a very genuine and personal way. Her mantra has been “trying to make lemonade out of lemons.”

She’s one of the few celebrities who early on encouraged folks to stay at home and practice social distancing. And, without hesitation, Alba also opened up about adjusting to a “new normal.” She joined TikTok and quickly reminded us of her killer dance moves, all while also tugging at our hearts with hilarious and heartwarming videos with her daughters. Alba attributes her current state of joy to her “kids' resilience and positive attitudes.”

Alba has also shared fascinating beauty secrets, which include cleansers, masks, Vitamin C serum, a contouring tool for the face, lip scrub, you name it; she’s become an open book in an effort to bring a bit of comfort into other people’s lives. Alba is so committed to connecting with others that she started her own YouTube channel. 

“I've been really inspired during this time to create community with you and share my unfiltered approach to ALL the things,” she expressed earlier this month while announcing her new channel. 

“It's important to mention that given the state of the COVID-19 outbreak, I think we should all have a healthy level of awareness and respect for this challenging experience we are facing,” she shared on her YouTube page. “However, I also want my channel to be a place for happiness and community as we explore fun and family moments while staying safe at home.”

With every piece of content Alba shares, the more approachable she becomes. She’s finally allowing us to see the dope homegirl she really is. 

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#stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy -Trying to make lemonade out of lemons -my homegirl @shanidarden and I did an ‘at home’ facial using items in yo kitchen... my scrub and mask ingredients- Instant Oatmeal, 🍯 Honey, Extra Fine Salt 🧂, Yogurt, Flax Seeds, 🥥 Coconut Oil- I struggled a bit with getting started b/c- I’m the worst at tech related situations 🙈🤷🏽‍♀️ - but @shanidarden is dope and it was a good virtual time. 😬 -check out my Live while it’s still up⬆️ in my feed -and maybe @shanidarden and I should do this on the reg?!? -I think we will pull our tweens into the next one to chat all things healthy #tween skin and we will probably be hella “Cringey” as my daughters like to refer to me and my homegirls 🤦🏽‍♀️. Friday afternoons @honest_beauty #selfcaretips #honestbeauty #jessandshani #cleanbeauty

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Following in her lead are starlets like Adrienne Bailon Houghton and Anitta, who also took to Instagram to share their skincare routine with candid selfies and live videos. 

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Self Care Quarentine

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Meanwhile, Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Yris Palmer, Melissa Barrera, Desi Perkins and Zoe Saldana remind us how going back to basics -- like making your own cafecito, preparing your own meals (like Palmer's delish enchiladas) and gardening -- can be therapeutic to the soul. 

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Trying to take a cute/serious pic of me cooking but then felt embarrassed so I’m using the candid where I look so happy but I really feel kinda cheesy. 😏 Anyway, I shared a few lists in my stories of things I’m watching, listening to and reading to keep me positive and help pass the time. Hope it helps you 💖 For music: “If the World Was Ending” - JP Saxe & Julia Michaels “You Say” - Lauren Daigle “Snowchild” - The Weeknd “The Blessing” - Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes & Elevation Worship “The Box” - Roddy Rich For movies: Invisible Man Jennifer’s Body American Hustle Uncut Gems Clueless Sugar and Spice After the Wedding Zodiac Election Flirting with Disaster For shows: The Morning Show Good Girls The Servant SNL (re-runs) The Mind Explained For books: “Becoming” - Michelle Obama “The Undocumented Americans” - Karla Cornejo Villavicencio “Signs” - Laura Lynne Jackson For podcasts: On Purpose with Jay Shetty Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me A New Earth - Oprah & Eckhart Tolle Get Sleepy For accounts to follow: @tinykitchentm @jessicayellin @selenagomez.doll @chloeiscrazy

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Today I woke up in fear of so many maybe’s. Maybe we will never go back to the life I thought would be the same forever, maybe we will have to leave this place and find somewhere safe for you and your brothers, maybe you will ask me to tell you bedtime stories of the way things used to be, maybe we will say good bye to people we knew and thought would be with us longer, maybe we will say good bye to each other. But the moment you woke up and came downstairs- little by little and as the day continues to unfold- you have been giving me comfort. Today you and I painted, today we learned new dinosaur names, today you asked me to make roti with you. My sweet child, maybe tomorrow will be different, but today has been, without a shadow of doubt, a good day. And I have you to thank. We still have today, you and I.

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Exercise and meditation have been great tools for Camila Cabello, Francia Raisa and Natti Natasha. Cabello said meditation has been “healing me, and, more than just helping me manage strong emotions like anxiety and stress, it’s making me a better human.”

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meditation has changed my life in the last few months. I didn’t share this with you guys at the time because honestly I was just trying to be okay, but I was experiencing severe anxiety. it was meditation- it was practicing every single day multiple times a day that has been healing me, and, more than just helping me manage strong emotions like anxiety and stress, it’s making me a better human. not only does it help in times like this with stress and anxiety, meditation is the practice of strengthening habits like empathy, love, and compassion- making you feel more connected to not only everybody around you , but living beings in general like animals, plants, and the earth, which is a living being, itself. In times like these, especially as young people, even if we are healthy, it’s important to practice compassion and help others that could be suffering. We are in this together, let’s not be indifferent to others risk. it’s our responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe. Empathy to others’ reality and solidarity could make the difference in hard moments like this. We can’t think that we will be unaffected because we feel young and healthy. we have parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors, and we don’t want to be a part of the problem when we could be part of the solution. So I’d like you to take 10 minutes of your day today to either look up loving kindness meditation on Calm or YouTube. Or just follow these instructions: close your eyes and sit with your spine upright and feel gravity grounding your body to the earth’s surface and supporting you. Take three deep breaths and then begin to just notice the natural flow of your breath. Being aware of breathing in, breathing out. Following every inhale and exhale with your attention. Once your mind has stilled. Picture every human in the world right now, elders, people that have respiratory problems and are vulnerable, picture the people that are vulnerable, picture their families, and say “May you be healthy. May you be safe. May you be free from illness. May you be well.” Repeat until you really feel it in your heart ❤️- love you guys, please stay safe !

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For more on how celebs are switching up their beauty routines, watch the video below. 


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