Cutting Your Own Hair At Home: Tips From a Celebrity Hairstylist

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Remember the salon? Social distancing has most of us staying at home, which means our usual lineup of beauty appointments has been put on hold -- including haircuts. 

ET caught up with celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko, whose star-studded clientele includes Gigi Hadid, Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Chamberlain, on her tips and tricks on giving yourself a trim at home.

If you choose to not wait until you can see a professional hairstylist again, Polko recommends keeping it simple, stick to your usual haircut or hairstyle and refrain from doing anything out of the ordinary like "bangs or anything too crazy."

Here are Polko's step-by-step instructions for cutting your own hair. 

"If you're going to do it I think the best thing you could do to keep it as simple and not too disruptive on what path you've already been on your haircuts and, you know, your hairstyles at home, I would section hair ear to ear in the front, ear to ear on the other side, and then split the back section into two, and then kind of use a mirror if you can and get the very, very ends going straight across," Polko says. 

"In the back, you want to look down, tilt your head down a little bit, and then just nip it at the bottom. And then you're going to pull it all in front and match it up," she continues. 

Polko also suggests, if you are living with somebody, ask them for help. 

"If you have somebody you are in lockdown with, they should do it for you, a hundred percent," she says. 

The hair pro also recommends using the time at home to use products to maintain hair health such as a hair mask, applying coconut oil on the ends of the hair and an acid wash such as rinsing the scalp using apple cider vinegar to invigorate the scalp. 

Check out the full interview with Polko in the video above and shop ET Style's selects of hair products to use at home.


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