How Joseph Quinn's 'Stranger Things' Role Helped While He Was Detained at Airport

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Add this to the list of stranger things we've heard. 

During his talk show debut appearance on The Tonight Show Monday, Joseph Quinn -- the British actor behind Stranger Things' beloved character, Eddie Munson -- revealed to Jimmy Fallon that he almost didn't make it to the New York City set. 

"It’s so nice to be here because I very nearly didn’t make it," Quinn told Fallon. "I was held up at immigration yesterday." 

As the breakout star recalled, he was taken into what he described as a "dungeon" and was asked to wait there for 20 minutes. From there, he was summoned to a desk, where he was asked what he was doing in the United States. While Quinn informed him about his Tonight Show appearance, the person didn't buy it. Fortunately, a colleague recognized Quinn from his big new role. 

"One of his colleagues looked over at me, looked at him, said, 'Leave Eddie alone,'" Quinn recalled. After realizing the actor was from Stranger Things, the person had just one question on his mind: "Do you come back next season?"

As fans well know by now, Munson meets his untimely end while defending his friends against demobats in the Upside Down. However, if there's anything viewers learned from Jim Hopper's survival after the season 3 finale, it's to never say never. 

In the meantime, Quinn is busy recruiting new members to the Hellfire Club. During his visit to the show, the actor presented Fallon with a members T-shirt. "I am honored. I'm part of the Hellfire Club?" Fallon asked. "I will wear this. I cannot wait."

Check out more of Quinn's interview above. 



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