How Rita Moreno's Grandson Helped Her Land 'Fast X' Role (Exclusive)

It's all about family!

The Fast & Furious franchise is all about family, so it's only fitting that Rita Moreno got some help from her own familia in landing her a role in the upcoming Fast X!

"Is this a crazy time in my life or what?" Moreno said with a laugh at the premiere of her new film, 80 For Brady, in Los Angeles on Tuesday. 

The Oscar winner was joined on the red carpet by her grandson, Justin Fisher, who admitted that he had a hand in getting his grandmother cast in the high-octane film -- thanks to a meet-up with Vin Diesel at the premiere of West Side Story in 2021.

"[Vin and I] caught up and grabbed drinks after the event, and he's so fond of my grandma," Fisher recalled. "I told him, 'You should work with her. You should have her be your grandma, have her slap you upside the head. Have her have a little tone, because you know her, it's all tone.'"

Moreno didn't hint as to whether Fast fans will get to see her behind the wheel in the upcoming film, saying only, "It's astonishing."

In 80 For Brady, Moreno stars alongside fellow legends Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Sally Field as a group of octogenarian friends who go on a road trip to the Super Bowl with the hope of meeting Tom Brady himself!

ET also spoke with the quarterback at the premiere -- just hours before he announced his second retirement from the NFL -- and he shared that he'd be open to more acting projects in the future, joking, "Make some offers, let's see what we can do."

"I'm trying to figure it out. Just taking it day by day," the future Hall of Famer added. "My friend says, 'The future happens a day at a time,' so, that's what life's all about. I'm enjoying tonight. This is really a magical night for me, and a lot of the people who put a lot of work into this, so I love being here supporting them." 

80 For Brady is in theaters Feb. 3.