How Sherri Shepherd Discovered Barbara Walters’ Alleged Hook Up With Richard Pryor

Sherri shared more details about the topic while on 'Watch What Happens Live' with Andy Cohen.

Sherri Shepherd is sharing a few more details about Barbara Walters' alleged hookup with Richard Pryor.

The 56-year-old daytime talk show host appeared on Watch What Happens Live and its host, Andy Cohen, still had a question about the whole thing. In the latest episode of the hit Bravo show, Cohen straight-up asks Shepherd if Walters told her the story.

"She did not tell me that," Shepherd responded. "I was outside of [New York City comedy club] Carolines, and Paul Mooney -- the late Paul Mooney -- we were talking and he goes, 'You know, I walked in,' or he peaked through the door. And he said that Richard Pryor and Barbara Walters were intimate. And so I never told anybody."

As Shepherd has since revealed on her talk show, she went and told her then-The View co-star Joy Behar.

"I went and told Joy. And that’s when I said to Joy, 'Joy, I got something to tell you!'" she said. "That means don’t tell nobody!"

Cohen and Issa Rae, who was also on the show, agreed Behar should have kept her lips sealed.

"I told her everything," Shepherd continued. "And as soon as Barbara Walters walked in the next day, Joy goes, 'Oh, you schlepping Richard Pror.'"

Shepherd said she damn near fell out of her chair when Behar shared the secret.

Earlier this month, Behar appeared on Shepherd's eponymous talk show, where Behar also made another revelation about her late co-host.

"Between you and me, Barbara liked a brother," Behar quipped. "She was going out with a Black senator. It's in her book."


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