'How to Build a Sex Room' Host Melanie Rose Gives Tips on What to Include in a Sex Room (Exclusive)

Netflix's new home renovation series hits the streamer on Friday.

Ever thought of building your own sex room? Well, you're in luck. ET's Lauren Zima spoke to the Melanie Rose -- dubbed the Mary Poppins of sex rooms -- about her new Netflix series, How to Build a Sex Room, and the tips and tricks she has for creating your own sex room at home.

"I was introduced to it through a client of mine who actually asked me if I'd ever designed a sex room before. And I was like, 'No.' And I didn't commit right then and there. I went away and did some research, did a lot of Googling and to find out what goes into these rooms, and the stuff that I found online was quite shocking. And wasn't very nice," Rose shared of how her love of interior design led her to building beautiful rooms for her client.

She continued, "So I thought, 'You know what? No, I can do this.' It's certainly not kitchens and bathrooms."

As for what goes into Rose's sex rooms, that depends on the client.

"So, if you are a person that is really into BDSM and I'm doing part of a bedroom, then I would recommend a dungeon bed, because it's all reinforced and a lot of metal. So, that's good. It's going to be busy on that bed in very many ways," Rose explained. "I think if it was a bedroom that people that just want to do get a little spark back into their love life, I would actually suggest a lovely bed with some bed linens and SunTrust cushions. Just to put you in that mood."

"I think in the show there's a rock and roll room. Then we also have that beautiful, luxurious dungeon," she added. "So, it's figuring out what they want in that room."

Accessories are key too, and while some clients have requested a pony chair or high-end sex toys, Rose said she's big on pillows, telling ET that the bed in any sex room needs to look like you "want to jump in there."

"For me, if you want to have intimate sex in your bed, then you've got to have the bed looking like you want to jump in there. You want to gravitate towards that," she stressed. "That's why I love lots of pillows. I have expensive taste in those pillows."

And of course, getting the lighting just right is key, with the interior design expert adding that "lighting is everything" when it comes to creating the ideal space for sex.

As far as how much these rooms run her clients, Rose said a sex room can cost as much as $190,000.

"It depends. Depends on how much renovations I'm doing. What I'm pulling down, putting in, putting up," she said. "You can spend anywhere from say 35, 40,000 up to 190,000 and beyond."

While each room is different and each client is different, Rose shared that through creating these sex rooms for her clients, she hopes to help them with intimacy, and allow her clients "move forward in their sex life."

"I do go in and cleanse them and give them something new to play with," Rose said, adding, "[But] I'm just there to facilitate that and help them move forward in their sex life."

See all of Rose's fabulous sex rooms when How to Build a Sex Room hits Netflix this Friday.