'How to Get Away With Murder': Nate and Bonnie Race to Create New Alibis After Miller's Death (Exclusive)

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Are two of How to Get Away With Murder's own about to... get away with murder?

On Thursday's episode, titled "Don't Go Dark on Me," Nate (Billy Brown) and Bonnie (Liza Weil) desperately try to figure out their alibis, now that interest in Miller's death is starting to heat up. In the winter finale, it was revealed that Nate and ultimately, Bonnie, killed Miller. In ET's exclusive sneak peek, Nate, Bonnie and Frank (Charlie Webber) argue over whether they should bring Annalise (Viola Davis) into their mess.

"Annalise doesn't need us dumping another problem on her," Nate passionately argues.

"She also doesn't need to be blindsided," Frank counters.

"This is not her problem to fix," Nate fires back.

All fair points, but Frank wants to know what Nate and Bonnie did to Miller's body.

"It doesn't matter," Nate says, but Frank doesn't agree, telling him that once the cops locate Miller's body, there will be even more questions raised about their involvement. It doesn't help that Nate's hands are all cut up.

"You're going to be the main suspect the second Miller is identified as missing," Frank warns, but Nate is adamant that he's going to do things his way and Bonnie agrees. "This is Nate's call," she calmly says. Frank concedes, for now, but gives the duo an ultimatum to inform Annalise of their problem: "Once it comes out that Miller's MIA, one of you is telling her."

Instead, Frank gives attorney Eve (Famke Janssen) a call, only to be shocked when Annalise is the one who answers the phone. Quickly, the conversation turns to Gabriel's well-being after it's revealed that he is Sam's son.

"Why don't you bring your Gabriel file...," Annalise says, after telling Frank something that piques his interest. Watch ET's exclusive clip above.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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