Hugh Grant Talks Golden Globes Criticism: ‘Twitter Said I Was Aging Like Mayonnaise’

Hugh Grant at the Golden Globes
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Hugh Grant has something to say about his critics! The 57-year-old actor appeared on Tuesday night’s Tonight Show, where he opened up about the criticism he faced after attending the Golden Globes this past Sunday.

“I did quite enjoy it, but then I made the schoolboy error of looking at Twitter afterwards,” he told host Jimmy Fallon. “I thought I’d been fine, and I thought I looked quite nice and all done up in my dickie bow. Twitter said I was aging like mayonnaise and that the bags under my eyes were like scrotums. Was I wearing a wig? My whole hair had a hashtag.”

Hugh Grant and his girlfriend
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Grant attended the show with his girlfriend, Anna Eberstein, whom ET confirmed earlier this week was pregnant with the actor’s fifth child.

Grant’s future child is likely to enjoy his current hit film, Paddington 2, in which he plays the villainous Phoenix Buchanan.

“It was a slightly hurtful genesis for me, this film,” Grant admitted of taking on the bad guy role. “I was sent the script with a letter that said, ‘We’re making Paddington part two and the bad guy is a washed up actor who used to be really famous but he’s completely into himself. He’s a horrible narcissist and nobody likes him. And we thought of you, Hugh.’ They’ve told me since when they wrote the original draft, the character was called Hugh.’ So it is very crushing, but it’s turned out nicely.”

Grant recently relived his glory days when visiting his university. While there, a video was taken of him doing a “shoey.”

“It’s a silly thing that rugby teams do where they drink beer out of their shoe,” Grant said. “It’s a kind of right of passage. I happened to be at my old university and I bumped into the rugby team. I used to play for them. And they made me drink an enormous quantity of snakebite – half beer, half cider, it’s appalling. And then they made me to a shoey. I wanted to be down with the young people.”

Grant then proceeded to show Fallon how to do a shoey. Watch the clip to see what happens!


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