Ian Ziering Reacts to Jessica Alba Saying She Couldn't Make Eye Contact On '90210' Set (Exclusive)

The actor is opening up to ET about his recollections of Alba's time as a guest star during the show's 8th season.

The iconic teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210 is celebrating its 30th anniversary, but Jessica Alba didn't exactly remember her time on the show fondly. While joining Nischelle Turner on Tuesday's ET, star Ian Ziering candidly opened up about Alba's recent claims that she was told she wasn't allowed to look her fellow co-stars in the eyes when she guest starred on the hit show back in 1998.

"I can't confirm whether it's true or not," Ziering said. "I'm not doubting her, I'm sure that was her experience. Someone probably told her [that]. She's not a liar."

That being said, Ziering says he imagines that directive was one that must have come from someone on the crew, and not one of the show's stars.

"At the end of the day, I can't see that demand being made by any of my former cast mates," Ziering said. "I just don't know where that comment came from."

"Certainly it never came from a cast member directly," Ziering continued. The actor said that the warning must have come from "an AD or someone on set," and added that it was "ludicrous" for Alba to ever have told something like that.

Alba spoke about the unusual demand during her recent appearance on Hot Ones.

"On the set of 90210, I couldn’t even make eye contact with any of the cast members, which was really strange when you’re, like, trying to do a scene with them,” Alba said on the latest episode of the popular web series. “It was like, ‘You’re not allowed to make eye contact with any one of the cast members or you’ll be thrown off the set.'"

In 1998, Alba guest-starred as pregnant teen Leanne for two episodes during the show's eighth season. She shared the screen with Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) and Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor), among others.

The 90210 cast celebrated the show's 30th anniversary on Sunday, and many of the stars and creators got together for a virtual reunion, as part of the Beverly Hills 90210 Show podcast.

Reflecting on the 30-year milestone, Ziering said, "It's hard to reconcile that in my own mind, because the show has been off the air twice as long as it was on the air. To think the show is still resonating with people is astonishing."

"Of course getting to work with all these people again, that I'm still very good friends with, has been the double bonus for all of us," he added, referring to both the reunion and the short-lived high-concept quasi-revival series BH90210 which aired in late 2019.

Now, however, Ziering has moved into darker dramatic territory with his role in Swamp Thing, the new adaptation of the acclaimed DC comics character.

In the show, Ziering plays Daniel Cassidy -- aka Blue Devil -- and he couldn't contain his gleeful excitement over getting to portray such a big, fun character.

"I get to play that dude and it is amazeballs, because you put the suit on [and] it's completely immersive! I'd move my arm and I could see just the muscles grow, "Ziering shared. "I'm so excited for the premiere."

Swamp Thing premiers Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



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