Iggy Azalea Reveals She's Recovering From Back Surgery After Not Walking for 3 Weeks

The 'Fancy' rapper said she experienced complications following a surgery to repair an injury.

Iggy Azalea is on the mend following a recent surgery. On Monday, the "Fancy" rapper revealed that she recently underwent an operation on her back that altered some of her upcoming plans. 

"I was supposed to travel to Australia and film a movie but right before I left I had what I thought would be a rather mundane surgery on my back to fix the issues I had after touring two summers in a row on an injury," she tweeted. 

"It didn’t end up being very mundane because I had complications with my recovery & ended up in bed hooked up to a million machines and in so much pain there are about 3 days I actually just can’t remember at all," she added.

The 32-year-old Australian rapper said that she wasn’t able to get up to walk for three weeks, outside of going to the bathroom, which was still a challenge. She wrote, "You’d be shocked to know how weak you can get when you don’t actually move. It happens pretty fast."

Azalea revealed that she is recovering, though. "A week ago I was cleared to get up and start moving again," she wrote. "I’ve been seeing someone daily at the house and we do lil workouts (they are so sad y’all lol) I’ve been getting back strong. I will recover 100% My goal is to be in good health by Christmas."

The message continued with Azalea saying that the sudden change in her health has been "mentally challenging" and she added that the hardest part was not having any answers. However, the "Black Widow" singer shared that her doctors are happy with her quick recovery and how she is moving and walking. 

Still, the "Sip It" singer revealed that she missed out on the movie and a trip to her native Australia. For Azalea, the experience has been a wake-up call.  

"I think I’m gonna seriously get into my fitness after this," she said. "I value my body in a whole new way after this experience."

Azalea also used her time on Twitter to give a few more updates to her fans. When asked about the movie, the rapper remained mum, telling a follower she would not share what the role was. As for the status of her recovery, Azalea told another follower that she is feeling "50%. "

The "Go Hard or Go Home" rapper has had some special help. When asked how her son, Onyx, is doing, Azalea shared that he has been keeping her company. 

"He’s great," she said. "We play a lot of Lego in bed & watched a lot of movies. He's really happy now that I’m up and moving. He’s my hype squad."

Prior to her injury, Azalea performed at the halftime show during the Raiders vs. Texans football game in October. The rapper was also the opening act during Pitbull’s Can’t Stop Us Now tour.