Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Offers Update After 'Unexpected Hip Surgery'

The 42-year-old also clarified the circumstances surrounding the procedure.

Caroline Bryan is out of the hospital and out of her house, with the help of a wheelchair.

Luke Bryan's wife took to Instagram on Friday and revealed that the "unexpected hip surgery" she had earlier this week actually wasn't all that unexpected at all. As the 42-year-old puts it, it was just her not "ready to accept it."

"It wasn't unexpected. I just wasn't ready to accept it," she said in an Instagram Story. "I've known for a month that I had to have it."

Earlier this week, Caroline shared a photo of her on a hospital bed and in her gown giving two thumbs up. She captioned that post, "Well…unexpected hip surgery….but I got the best care and surrounded by the most selfless friends ever!"

On Friday, her Instagram Story started with a boomerang video of her in a wheelchair with the caption, "Getting out of the house!" In another video she said, "Finally getting out after a long week, and these days I'm not walking. I'm rolling in this."

As for the circumstances surrounding the surgery, Caroline explained "there was no emergency, no fall, no car wreck." She said she had known for a while that she needed the surgery after suffering a torn labrum, hip dysplasia and a lot of arthritis.

"It had gotten so bad we had to fix it," she added. "So, that's it. I will do whatever they tell me to do to get better and get back out, 'cause this not being able to move is not for me."

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

Caroline's taking it all in stride. In another Instagram Story, she reposted a friend's Story showing her rolling in her wheelchair to the tune of -- wait for it -- Ludacris' "Rollout" track! 

The country superstar and Caroline have been together for over two decades since they met in 1998. She told ET earlier this year through it all he has not changed one bit.

"I tell everyone this Luke is the exact same way on stage as he is off," she told ET's Rachel Smith during a tour of Luke Bryan's 32 Bridge restaurant in Nashville.

"Truly, he is the biggest nut job. He was up this morning drinking too much coffee aggravating me but he’s just how he acts on stage is how he acts at home."

The couple, who tied the knot in 2006, have kept the jokes coming since their days at Georgia Southern University. "The first prank Luke actually pulled, he put Vaseline under my car door handles," Caroline shared. "And I'd go to class, and it wouldn't lock."

Caroline said she got payback in the smelliest way. "I got him back," she quipped. "He lived in a fraternity house, and I broke into his room. I had friends hoist me up and I put a can of tuna in the air vent. But what’s even worse, he never found it. He never asked about it until I told him months later."