‘Insecure’: Issa Steps Out of Her Comfort Zone With Daniel, But It Doesn’t Go Well

Issa In Bed

Issa could use a solid back-up plan. 

On episode six of Insecureseason two, Issa Rae’s character is determined to keep her roster of sex partners intact, but she’s having trouble keeping an eye on everyone (literally). 

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When Daniel (Y'lan Noel) fails to respond to her text message, Issa pops up at her neighbor's apartment, only to get turned away because he's busy entertaining a “friend” from school.

Seemingly defeated, but not completely out of options, Issa moves on to Nico (Diego Serrano), aka “Latin Bae.”  

She invites him to her apartment for wine and sex, but he doesn’t want to “rush” things, leaving Issa sexually frustrated and running out of patience. 

Meanwhile, Molly (Yvonne Orji) can't help but wonder if having sex with her friend, Dro (Saunas J. Jackson), could ruin their friendship (even though she can’t seem to stop hopping into bed with him). And she’s already showing signs of not being able to handle Dro’s “open marriage,” especially when his wife cuts their hotel rendezvous short when she accidentally locks herself out of the house. 

Dro leaves Molly to help his wife, but he promises to make it up to her as soon as he gets some free time.  

Insecure Molly And Dro

Surprisingly enough, Lawrence (Jay Ellis) is the only one who doesn’t seem to have a sex issue. He’s focused on making a mark in the workplace, only to find that his white male colleagues in the diversity-starved tech world are simply patronizing him so that he doesn’t get offended. 

After getting a warning from his co-worker, Aparna (Jamine Kaur), Lawrence finally realizes that the boys club is more concerned with complimenting his sneakers than taking him seriously. And it’s not just that they’re not so comfortable with the "black guy" working around women, either. 

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As if her love life wasn’t already taxing enough, financial troubles add another layer of stress to Issa’s life. Her car is in the shop and it’ll cost $5500 to fix, which she doesn't have to spare.

With the bad news piling up, Issa and her friends have a girls outing  at a “sexplosion” expo, where they tackle everything from condoms to vibrators, and eventually land on the topic of black women and their “hangups with oral sex.” 

Insecure Sexplosion

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Tiffany (Amanda Seales) waxes poetic about the “power in giving blow jobs,” which inspires Issa to try out her oral skills on Daniel. Naturally, Issa's attempted lip service ends with a “sexplosion” of sorts, that lands directly in her eye.

The not-so-sexy encounter ends with Issa storming out of Daniel’s apartment, and into an Uber pool. On the way home, she sulks over her bad luck, but is she ready to cut Daniel out the picture?

Insecure airs on Sundays at 10:30 ET/PT on HBO.