'Inside Man' Trailer: Emile Hirsch and Lucy Hale Star in Real-Life Mob Story (Exclusive)

Based on real-life events, the crime drama is in theaters and on VOD on Aug. 11.

Emile Hirsch is going undercover in a new mob thriller, Inside Man.

The upcoming film, from director Danny A. Abeckaser and writer Kosta Kondilopoulos, is based on true events surrounding New York City's infamous Gambino crime family in the 1960s and '70s.

Hirsch stars as a disgraced New York police detective, Bobby Belucci, who goes undercover after a violent reaction to his wife's infidelity lands him a demotion at work. But as his plan to infiltrate the family's notorious DeMeo crew and get close to the head of the crew, Roy DeMeo (Abeckaser), sinks him deeper and deeper into the world of corruption and bloody revenge, there might be no way out. 

"Everything is so clear when you look back at it," Belucci says in the trailer. "but in situations like this, you do what you have to do."

Watch the full trailer above. The film also stars Lucy Hale, Jake Cannavale, Ashley Greene, Bo Dietl, Vincent Laresca, Greg Finley, and Kyle Stefanski.

Inside Man is in theaters and on VOD on Aug. 11.