Inside 'The Order' Co-Stars Jocelyn Hudon and Jake Manley's Halloween Wedding (Exclusive)

'The Order' co-stars Jocelyn Hudon and Jake Manley were married by a zombie Elvis in Las Vegas.

Jocelyn Hudon and Jake Manley's wedding may have been on Halloween, but it was no horror story. 

The actors, who both starred in the Netflix series, The Order, recently revealed they eloped in Las Vegas on Oct. 31, 2021, a year after their Gilmore Girls-inspired engagement.   

"I've always had Vegas in the back of my mind -- when I went to University, I met this girl who told me it was her dream to do a Vegas wedding and that always stuck with me," Hudon told ET. "I was in the middle of filming three movies back to back and we realized that Halloween -- my favorite day ever -- was on a Sunday, so I could fit it in my filming schedule...and then it snowballed from there."

Calling the planning "extremely chill and low maintenance," Hudon estimated their nuptials took one day of actual planning to book A Little White Wedding Chapel and text their guests. Hudon noted, "We actually had a surprising number of people fly in super last minute for it, which was so awesome."

Alex Evans

And it wouldn't be a Halloween wedding in Las Vegas without a zombie Elvis Presley officiating. "I tried to mentally prepare my mom for a strange wedding. I told her that this isn’t going to be a perfect, traditional wedding -- we’re going to get married next to a Cadillac, in a tunnel, and Elvis is dressed as a zombie," she said. "But luckily, zombie Elvis went above and beyond what I expected, and my dad walked me down the aisle, which was awesome."

Alex Evans

After tying the knot, the two celebrated with loved ones at The Velveteen Rabbit, a vintage-inspired Las Vegas venue, with five cakes from Milk Bar. "They were out of the large ones and you couldn’t order in advance, so we had to same-day gamble that they had a bunch of mini ones in stock," Hudon said of the cakes. "My friends drove to Milk Bar, picked up the cakes and brought them around with us the entire day. It was hilarious."

As for the bride's unconventional wedding day look, the actress found her black dress with a sheer skirt online. "I bought it on Etsy from a woman who makes dresses in Ukraine," she said. "I really didn’t know what I was going to get in the mail, or if it would arrive on time. I loved the fit -- luckily no alterations -- and I loved that it was not designer. It’s unique and it’s from an artist. It’s actually not even technically a wedding dress."

Now months into their marriage, the newlywed called their special day "perfect."

"It was low maintenance for us and our guests, and definitely unique," the When Hope Calls actress said. "I only wish I had gone to Thunder From Down Under more than once. Just kidding."