How Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' Daughter Malti Helped With Their Met Gala Looks (Exclusive)

The couple shares a 1-year-old daughter, Malti.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had the best helper on Met Gala Monday! ET's Rachel Smith spoke to the couple at the premiere of their new movie, Love Again, on Wednesday and they revealed how their 1-year-old daughter, Malti, helped them get ready for the annual event.

"She's doing last-minute looks," Jonas said of the tot, whom he shared a rare photo of on Instagram after the big night. "Last minute touches on my tie."

While Malti helped her dad with his tie, she was simply dazzled by her mom's stunning Bulgari necklace, which Chopra paired with a Valentino gown.

"She likes everything shiny. She loves diamonds. She's her mama's daughter," Chopra quipped. "She kept going for that diamond."

The Met Gala holds a special meaning for the couple because the 2017 event was one of the first times they crossed paths in person. They were thinking back on the start of their romance Monday night, the couple told ET.

"You stand for a long time in that line," Chopra said of the line to get into the event. "We just kept talking about the moments where we had met and what had happened. It was really fun to reminisce."

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A year after the 2017 gala, Chopra and Jonas went on their first date, which they remember fondly.

"It was beautiful," Chopra said. "I mean, I was 45 minutes late, but besides that it was great."

While their real-life first date was one to remember, Chopra's new rom-com, Love Again, features Jonas in a cameo, playing a guy who takes her character on "a date from hell."

"You were kind enough to do a really, really sweet cameo and saved me actually," Chopra told Jonas. "This is my knight in shining armor. I was supposed to do this scene where the actor licks my face in slow motion. I was like, 'Nick! I need your help!'"

Jonas was all too happy to perform the task, joking that there was "a lot of practice before" to prepare for the role.

Though Chopra's movie with Jonas may not go according to plan, things likely go better with her onscreen love interest, who's played by Sam Heughan.

"I love that Love Again is an ode to the romantic movies from the '90s, like Sleepless in Seattle and Jerry Maguire, that make you want to cry and laugh and feel warm," Chopra said. "I haven't been able to do that in America as much as I have done in India before, so I was very excited to do [action series] Citadel and Love Again at the same time."

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Chopra tries to bring some of that rom-com energy to her real-life relationship, admitting that she and Jonas like to "outdo each other" when it comes to romantic gestures.

"We one-up each other every turn," Jonas agreed, with his wife adding, "I don't know how long that's gonna last, though. We have to get realistic about it. It's getting crazy."

Love Again will hit theaters May 5.