Priyanka Chopra Recalls Being 'So Close to Losing' Daughter Malti 'So Many Times'

Priyanka Chopra Jonas candidly recalls how scary her daughter, Malti's, earliest days were.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is not mincing words about how harrowing her daughter's earliest days were. 

As fans know now, Priyanka and husband Nick Jonas welcomed their first child, a daughter named Malti Marie, via surrogate in January 2022. They later revealed the newborn had spent more than 100 days in the NICU after arriving prematurely, and in a previous interview with British Vogue, Priyanka recalled her daughter being smaller than her hand when she was born. 

The Citadel star newly describes just how terrified she was when she learned their baby was coming early.

"I remember [Nick] just held me by my shoulders, and I said, 'Just tell me what to do, because I don’t know what to do,'" she recalls to "And he’s like, 'Just get into the car with me.'"

After finally bringing her home, the absence of the NICU monitors was felt by Priyanka. "You know your child is alive, because you can see their heartbeat (on the monitor). I couldn’t sleep for days, because now suddenly she was home without a monitor," she explains to "I used to put my ear on her chest. I would wake up every couple of minutes just to see if she was OK. For weeks, this went on."

Now, nearly a year after they got to bring their first child home, Priyanka says her baby girl's "got me wrapped around her finger."

"I don’t even know how I'll ever discipline her because I just don’t have it in me," she tells Elle. "I was so close to losing her so many times that she can get away with anything and I just want to see her happy. I want her to be the happiest. She’s a super smiley, happy baby, and that’s all my goal is -- to see her joyous. Every time she smiles, it lights up my world, and that’s all I want to do."