Janet Jackson on Being a Mom to Son Eissa and Why 'Together Again' Tour Is Special to Her (Exclusive)

The music legend is currently on tour and it wraps June 21.

Janet Jackson is bursting with so much love and joy over being a mother to 6-year-old son, Eissa, that the only thing that would make motherhood even better would be more kids!

Speaking with ET's Kevin Frazier on Tuesday backstage at Madison Square Garden ahead of her "Together Again" tour stop in New York City, the "Rhythm Nation" singer couldn't contain her emotions when it came to talking about her son.

"He's great. I love it," said Jackson when asked about how motherhood's been treating her. "I love it. I absolutely love it. I wish I had two more babies! I'm just thankful God gave me Eissa. I'm very fortunate." 

It's easy to see why Jackson, who shares Eissa with ex-husband Wissam Al Mana, is filled with pure joy when talking about her son. After all, he's already displayed deft skills when it comes to his musical abilities. Jackson shared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in 2020 that the little fella took a big interest in making music when he was just two years old.

"First he chose the violin and he loves classical music," Jackson said at the time. "... First day of school, he took the violin to school. Third day of school he says, 'Mama, I want to take a cello to school.' I said, 'Baby, you don't have a cello.'... He said, 'Turn my violin into a cello. Please, Mama.'"

"My assistant, Teri, we were rushing for his class, and she took a straw and taped it to the bottom of the violin," she continued.

And made him a little cello," Fallon inferred. 

"He loved it," Jackson commented. "He was posing with it. He took it to school."

If it seems like Jackson's ecstatic these days, it's because she is, especially with her "Together Again" tour in full effect. It's been four years since she last hit the road, having done so in 2019 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Rhythm Nation 1814. She was scheduled to go on tour in 2020, but the concerts were canceled due to the pandemic.

Fast forward to now, and Jackson takes immense pride in how her music catalog transcends generations.

"It's always nice for me and I love when I see the different generations," said Jackson, who had famed fashion designer Christian Siriano design one of her outfits. "And even here, I meet some of the fans backstage after the show. And they'll say, 'You know, I first saw you when I was such and such age, and my mother took me and now my daughter and my son, and I'm bringing them to the show and they watch your videos.' So it's always nice to have the different generations."

It was also incredibly special for Siriano, who got to watch Jackson in one of his outfits in action.

"It was so cool because what's great is to see it in movement," Siriano says. "We do fittings and I've done so many red carpets and so many events, and I've dressed Janet before but to see it in movement, like, in a real show was just incredible. And Janet dances the whole time, so I'm also nervous. I'm like, 'Oh my God, the beads are gonna pop off!' But they don't. You get nervous, but it always ends up being great."

And what makes this tour incredibly special is that it marks Jackson's 50th anniversary of being in the music industry, a business Jackson's undoubtedly left an indelible impression on with her legendary talent.

"This one's special," she added. "I started young but it means a great deal to me to still have God allow me to do what it is that I do. I'm so appreciative. And for the people to still be interested to come and see what it is that that I do, that we do. I'm very, very fortunate and very appreciative."

Jackson's "Together Again" tour wraps June 21 in Seattle, Washington.