Jennifer Lawrence Clarifies Comments About Her Mom Selling Her Toilet (Exclusive)

'I literally just got confused,' the actress said.

Jennifer Lawrence's mom did not sell her used toilet on Craigslist. After Lawrence gave an interview in which she said that her mom, Karen, sold her toilet to writer Lee Eisenberg via the online platform, she clarified the story to ET's Rachel Smith.

"I ended up getting it backward," Lawrence, 32, told ET at the Tuesday premiere of her new film, No Hard Feelings, where she rocked a Dior by Maria Grazia Chiuri look and makeup by Dior Beauty. "My mom bought Lee's toilet. When he clarified and was like, 'None of this is true.' I was like, 'Well, it's not.' I literally just got confused about who bought or sold [it]."

Lawrence's latest comments came after she told People that "years ago" her mom sold her broken toilet on Craigslist for reasons unknown.

"I'm like, 'I broke it.' My mom sold it for me," she said, adding that Eisenberg knew the identity of the seller at the time he purchased the bathroom fixture. "That's how we know the story now. So thanks, Mom."

Eisenberg is the frequent collaborator of No Hard Feelings director Gene Stupnitsky. The film stars Lawrence as Maddie, a financially struggling woman who answers a Craigslist ad to date a wealthy couple's introverted and awkward son (Andrew Barth Feldman) before he leaves for college. 

"When Andrew left his audition, the door closed and we all looked at each other and we were like, 'That's our Percy,'" Lawrence recalled of her co-star. "And then they were like, 'There's one complication. He's supposed to go to Harvard.' And we were like, 'Is that a joke? He was fully the character.'"

Lawrence didn't let that get in her way, instead she called him and said, "Andrew I have really bad news. You're not gonna be able to finish your semester at Harvard."

He agreed to defer his schooling, and the rest is history. No Hard Feelings will hit theaters June 23.