Michael J. Fox Candidly Addresses His Mortality With Parkinson's Disease: 'I'm Not Gonna Be 80'

Fox explained that the disease has made him recenter his approach to life.

Micheal J. Fox opened up this week about his shifting perspectives on mortality as he continues his battle with Parkinson's disease. 

"My life is set up so...I can pack Parkinson's along with me if I have to," Fox says in a preview of his CBS Sunday Morning interview, airing this weekend. 

In the clip, Fox explains that the disease has made him recenter his approach to life. "You don’t die from Parkinson's. You die with Parkinson's," he says, explaining that the disease is one that makes someone more liable to other life-threatening injuries, like falling, choking, or getting sick with a cold.

"I've been thinking about the mortality of it," he adds. "I'm not gonna be 80." 

But Fox hasn't allowed this revelation to stop him from trying to help future generations. At the red carpet for the Michael J. Fox Foundation this week, the actor told ET that his team has helped contribute to several medical advancements to aid the prevention of Parkinson's in future patients. 

"The idea of a biomarker," Fox said, which is a "way to identify the disease before the disease is present. By the time I was diagnosed, I had a little twitch in my pinky but...with this, we can identify the disease really early and help progression and essentially cure ahead of the game." 

Fox sees the advancement as a major milestone for the Parkinson's community. Nevertheless, he still struggles with his own symptoms. 

"I'm not going to lie, it's getting hard, it's getting harder," he says in the CBS Sunday Morning preview. "Every day is tougher. But, but that's -- that's the way it is." 

Earlier this month, Apple Original Films released the trailer for Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie. The documentary will chronicle Fox's one-of-a-kind life and career in the spotlight. At the foundation's red carpet this week, the actor said he's very happy with the film. 

"I love the way that they did it," he told ET. "They applied this sort of footage to the narrative, to my story, and they found situations in films that acted out the -- because it actually happened in my life. So very clever, and it's a really good film." 

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie premieres May 12 on Apple TV+.