Susan Lucci Gives Health Update, Shares If She's Open to Dating After Losing Husband of 52 Years (Exclusive)

Susan Lucci is updating fans on her life post-health scares and the death of her husband, Helmut Huber, in 2022.

Susan Lucci is opening up about how her heart is recovering after an emergency procedure and the death of her husband, Helmet Huber.

Sitting down with ET's Rachel Smith for "The grEaTs," the 77-year-old actress provided fans with an update on how she is doing as she embraces this next chapter of her life -- and whether or not she is open to finding love again after losing her 84-year-old husband in 2022.

For the All My Children star -- who was married to Huber from 1969 until his death -- it would be extremely difficult to put herself back out there after already finding the love of her life at just 23 years old.

"I know everybody's different, I can't imagine it, you know?" Lucci -- who previously shared that the casting producers of The Golden Bachelorette reached out to her about starring in the reality show -- said of dating again. "Never say never, but I just can't imagine [it]." 

Helmut Huber and Susan Lucci wed in 1969 and stayed together until his March 2022 death at the age of 84 - Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/WireImage

In the two years since her Austrian-born chef husband passed away, Lucci has devoted a good chunk of time to reading about coping with the loss of a spouse and the various ways to move on after. While she knows that finding love after loss is entirely possible, it's not the path forward for her -- at least not at this time. 

"It is different for everyone and, you know, part of it is a choice to get up off the floor and put one foot in front of the other. I mean, it is better to go ahead with your life," she shared with ET. "The other thing is that I know that this life is a gift, it's meant to be a gift from God and I'm never gonna thumb my nose at that -- I'm grateful. And I'm very grateful to have the love and have [had] Helmut in my life." 

Throughout the course of their half-century-long love story, the pair established a tremendous life together and welcomed two children, Liza Huber and Andreas Huber. Lucci told ET that the secret to their enduring relationship and marital success is not a secret at all. Lucci said that for her, it all came down to being with the person who complemented her. 

"He always made me laugh and he was always there for me -- he was a rock and very secure," Lucci said of her "wonderful" husband. "[He was] very funny, very sure of himself in a good way and very take charge, which you wanted him to be."

Helmut Huber and Susan Lucci attend The American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection 2020 - Cindy Ord/Getty Images for American Heart Association

She continued, "He was one of those people you wanted him to be in charge because he knew what to do and knew how to make things happen. And at the same time, [he was] coming from such a good place."

For now, Lucci is happy to hold onto her beloved memories of Huber. That includes saying no to The Golden Bachelorette -- although she does admit that just because she won't be on it anytime soon does not mean that she won't be seated for the season premiere on Sept. 1. 

"I tried it, I became instantly hooked," Lucci said of the ABC reality series. Instead, the show will be led by former Golden Bachelor contestant Joan Vassos for its debut season. "I think I'm just a fan... it wasn't for me but it's something that I do love to watch."

Rather than Susan Lucci, ABC's premiere season of 'The Golden Bachelorette' will be helmed by former 'Golden Bachelor' contestant Joan Vassos - Disney/Ramona Rosales

Aside from The Golden Bachelorette, Lucci is using this new era of life to discover what is important to her -- a category that includes focusing on her happiness and her health, especially after undergoing two major heart surgeries in the span of four years. 

In 2022, just weeks before Huber's death, the actress and philanthropist revealed that she underwent a second procedure for heart disease after a first heart scare in 2018. At the time, she reported experiencing symptoms like shortness of breath and discomfort in her ribcage and back. 

For the second procedure, she rushed to the hospital only to discover she had a 75 percent blockage in one of her arteries as a result of a buildup of plaque. Doctors ultimately used a stent on her heart to open the blockage and try to prevent future issues. 

That came after she already had another major open-heart surgery in 2018. In 2019, the All My Children star revealed to ET that the blockage the first time around was even more severe and life-threatening. 

Susan Lucci says she is 'feeling great' more than two years after undergoing her second major heart surgery - Getty

"It turns out, I had a 90 percent blockage in my main artery and a 75 percent blockage in an adjacent artery, and so they told me the next day, 'You just avoided a widow-maker,'" she told ET at the time, crediting her doctor for telling her to go to the hospital. "I didn't know! I had no idea."

According to the CDC, heart disease is the number one cause of death for women in the United States. In 2021, approximately one-in-five female deaths in the U.S. were attributed to the so-called "silent killer."

Today, Lucci is feeling great and healthier than ever. She is focusing on spreading awareness on the deadly issue and advocating for women everywhere (including herself) when it comes to their health. 

"I'm in very good shape and I feel very good," Lucci said. "I had a blockage, a 90 percent blockage in my main artery and a 75 percent blockage in the adjacent artery. And fortunately, I listened to my body and there was someone there [her doctor] who could prod me to go to the hospital." 

"Had I not gone there, I was told the next day when I was checked out that I 99.9 percent would've had the widow-maker. If I had laid down, I never would have gotten up," she shared of the health scare. "I was doing what many women do, I kept thinking, 'Oh it'll go away, it's nothing, it'll go away.'"

Susan Lucci underwent two heart surgeries between 2018 and 2022 - Stewart Cook/CBS via Getty Images

Moral of the story? It's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your health. 

"My takeaway was -- is to tell women to put yourself on your to-do list, to listen to your body and if it doesn't behave the way that's normal for you, take action," she said. "The doctor will not be mad at you for coming if there's nothing there."

Thanks to the doctor who she says "saved her life," Lucci now has the opportunity to continue with her busy and exciting life. That includes a role in Apple TV+'s new dark comedy, Outcome, which is directed and co-produced by Jonah Hill. The script also comes from the mind of the 21 Jump Street star, who penned it alongside Ezra Woods.

"It was a spectacular experience, I'm so glad that I did this and got to work with Jonah," she said of the project. "Jonah Hill has written a very powerful [script] – it’s a dark comedy, a very dark comedy – but he's really a gem and I'm very lucky to have worked with him."

A release date for the film -- which also stars Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Matt Bomer, David Spade, Laverne Cox, Kaia Gerber and Roy Wood Jr. and more -- has yet to be determined.