Tallulah Willis Explains Feeling Grief Amid Father Bruce Willis' Dementia Battle (Exclusive)

Bruce was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia last year.

Tallulah Willis continues to battle with her own grief as her father, Bruce Willis, battles frontotemporal dementia -- a progressive neurological disorder that impacts both cognition and behavior.

Bruce was diagnosed with the disorder last year, and as a byproduct, aphasia, a brain-mediated inability to speak or to understand speech. Tallulah recently opened up about her father's health and her changing relationship with the Die Hard star in a candid essay for Vogue. Speaking to ET's Brice Sander at the premiere of her new Fox reality series, Stars on Mars, Thursday, Tallulah said she hopes that her words resonate with people.

"I mean, the response has been so unbelievable, and I'm incredibly grateful, not only for the people that have reached out, but for Vogue and Anna and Rob and everyone that was a part of getting that there," Tallulah said. "And I think that for me, I hope that whatever anyone needed to take from that, they can take from it. I don't necessarily want to dictate what they needed to take from that. I think that that's their truth, and I just hope that there can be more moments that I can help open up the space for things to resonate for people."

The essay resonated with her family as well, with Tallulah adding that they were "very proud" of her, not only for opening up about Bruce's health struggles but her own, as she's worked to overcome body dysmorphia and anorexia over the years.

As for what she wants the world to think about after hearing her story, it's that there's an abundance of power in kindness, patience and compassion.

"I think that as with every person and every moment, there is so much power in kindness and patience and compassion," she explained. "And I think that can be true for every person and every moment. And it doesn't matter, or it doesn't necessitate sadness, or grief or loss, but obviously, those things can help in those moments. But I think those are really important things to always live by."

It's words she too is living by as she enters a new phase in her life and career, with Tallulah making her re-introduction to Hollywood with Stars on Mars. Joining a star-studded cast that includes Ariel Winter, Vanderpump Rules' Tom Schwartz, William Shatner and more, Tallulah and a group of adventurous celebrities prepare for take-off to Mars, by living eating sleeping strategizing and bonding with each other in the same space station."

"That actually was a byproduct of just saying yes to something that I thought was kind of wonderful ,and that's kind of how I'm choosing to navigate any and all projects that come my way," Tallulah said of her return to Hollywood ad the reason she said yes to the show. "If it's meaningful, heart-centered, wonderful. If it can have impact, and if it kind of hits any of those notches, then I say, 'Yes.' And this is a wonderful side effect that I'm really happy with."

She continued, "And look, I've made wonderful friends in this experience. I've been able to chat with wonderful people, and this is a great and really lovely intimate affair. Having grown up -- this is not my first launching of a something party, but this is actually very sweet and tender and really feels connected to what we did, and that's how the whole experience of the show was."

Stars On Mars premieres Monday, June 5 on Fox.