Is 'White Collar' Coming Back? Matt Bomer Says There Are 'Real Conversations'

White Collar
USA Network

Is it time to bring con man Neal Caffrey back?

Is Neal Caffrey dusting off his fedora?

The suave, impeccably dressed, semi-reformed con man could very well be returning to the small screen in a White Collar revival if star Matt Bomer and creator Jeff Eastin have their way.

The two recently dropped hints on social media that they have been having deep conversations about a realistic way to bring back the USA Network caper, which wrapped a six-season run in December 2014.

On April 27, Eastin replied to a fan asking about a White Collar revival, saying he was "working hard to make it happen." Bomer responded in kind, half-jokingly tweeting, "Make it happen before I'm too old to wear a fedora," with a slew of clapping emojis. 

Eastin replied with a photo of Neal's signature fedora. "It's right here waiting for you. Time to get Neal out of retirement..." he hinted, prompting his former star to throw his metaphorical hat into the ring. "Let's do it!" Bomer tweeted.

On Wednesday, Eastin and Bomer offered updates on the in-the-works revival, revealing that they've discussed plans on how best to move forward with the potential project. 

"Had a great convo with @MattBomer. We have a plan to bring #WhiteCollar back," Eastin wrote. "It's time to hustle."

During a special White Collar cast reunion Thursday night for Stars in the House, Bomer confirmed there are "real conversations" happening about a potential revival. 

"I just talked to Jeff Eastin this morning... There's nothing I would want more than to be on the set with this group of people again. There are real conversations happening," Bomer said. "There seems to be a lot of excitement about it. What form that takes and how it plays out and what are all the creatives involved to make it happen, that remains to be seen. But we're all very optimistic and very hopeful."

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