J Balvin Reveals He Had Coronavirus in Premios Juventud Acceptance Speech

The Colombian reggaetonero said the virus 'hit me really hard.'

J Balvin is recovering after being diagnosed with COVID-19. The Colombian reggaetonero revealed that he had the coronavirus during his virtual Premios Juventud acceptance speech on Thursday.

As he was accepting the award for Video Con El Mensaje Más Poderoso for his music video for "Rojo," Balvin shared that the past days have been very difficult for him.

"I am recovering from COVID-19," he shared in Spanish. "I've had difficult days, very complicated days. At times you think that you won't get it, and I got it. It hit me really hard. I'm sending a message to everyone who follows me, all young people, people in general, please take care of yourselves. Protect yourselves. This is not a joke... The virus exists and it's very dangerous. Please take care of yourselves. I'm recovering and I love you all."  

Balvin joins a list of celebrities who have tested positive for the flu-like virus and recovered.

Last month, Karol G -- who performed at Premios Juventud 2020 -- also revealed that she tested positive for the coronavirus. The singer detailed her symptoms and struggles.

“Thank you to everyone who has reached out,” she said. “I did have COVID-19 and it was very difficult, [and] painful, but I'm recuperating.”

"Thank you for the sweet messages and for everyone that has worried about me,” she continued. “All I can [say] is, please take care of yourself. COVID-19 is real. I didn't want to make this news public ... but I'm doing well."