J Balvin Reveals His Surprising Original Stage Name

In an episode of 'Hot Ones,' J. Balvin reveals that his original stage name was almost as spicy as the wings on the show.

J Balvin's original stage name and the wings on Hot Ones have one big thing in common: spice. In a recent episode of First We Feast's Hot Ones, Balvin reveals what his artist name was supposed to be.

"Speaking of Scotch Bonnet," Balvin says before eating his next wing covered in the chili pepper-infused sauce. "You know, that was supposed to be my artist name?" 

The revelation clearly takes host Sean Evans by surprise, but as the Latin GRAMMY Award-winning artist explains, when searching for a stage name, a rapper friend of his thought he should have something "spicy."

"He was like, 'Bro, you should have a name, like, you know, a spicy name, like Scotch Bonnet,'" Balvin says with a laugh. "And this is the first time that I actually get to see what he was talking about, so now let's taste it."

"I could've been interviewing Scotch Bonnet today," Evans jokes. "Yeah, like, 'Yo, we're here with Scotch Bonnet,'" the reggaeton star quips.

Balvin most recently made history at the 21st Latin GRAMMY Awards after being nominated for 13 GRAMMYs, including Record and Album of the Year. 

The Colombian singer gave an emotional performance of his song "Rojo" at the Nov. 2020 awards show.

The 35-year-old star emerged from behind a giant installation of praying hands. Wearing an all-white suit, Balvin belted out the emotional song, with a bleeding heart emerging from his ensemble. 

"Although the world feels dark, and our fears torment us, I think it is the moment that our hearts are bleeding, they have a meaning again. Let's all unite, continue to fight for our dreams and a better future," Balvin said. 

For more on the reggaeton icon, watch the video below.

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