J. Cole Attends Fan's College Graduation After Showing Up to Her High School Ceremony

Cole first met the long-standing fan in 2013 and has now attended both her high school and college graduations.

J. Cole is a man of his word. On Wednesday, fans of the 37-year-old rapper spotted him at the graduation ceremony for Rowan University's class of 2022. Cole was there to celebrate with graduate Cierra Bosarge-Fussell -- a long-time fan whom he had met and made a promise to nearly a decade ago.

Per Complex, Cole and Bosarge-Fussell first spoke in 2013 when she called into Q Deezy of Hot 107.9 in Philly to get the GRAMMY-winning artist to wish her a happy birthday. Despite the radio station's best efforts, they couldn't get in touch with the rapper. Months later, Bosarge-Fussell received a belated birthday call from Cole, who invited the high school student to meet in person. 

When they eventually met up in Philly, Bosarge-Fussell gave the rapper a letter she had written for him years prior, sharing her turbulent life story. She explained to Complex that the letter detailed her being adopted and having parents in and out of prison. The student asked that Cole attend her high school graduation in their absence. 

Cole told Bosarge-Fussell he would show up if she kept up her grades and got accepted into college. Two years later, the Off-Season rapper showed up at the graduation, fulfilling his promise.

Twitter user @princess_simba/Cierra Bosarge-Fussell

Fast forward four years, and Cole returned to support Bosarge-Fussell again. He traveled to Glassboro, New Jersey, to attend the journalism student's graduation ceremony from Rowan University, posing for photos with Bosarge-Fussell and cheering for her when she received her diploma. 

Cole’s manager and Dreamville co-founder, Ibrahim Hamad, also congratulated Bosarge-Fussell on Twitter, writing, "Congrats on your accomplishment, you deserve it!! Love to see it."


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