'Jackass' Cast on Returning to Shark Week After Poopies' Near-Fatal Shark Bite (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the cast ahead of Shark Week about Poopies' scary shark run-in.

The Jackass crew is back and they're ready to take on Shark Week. ET's Will Marfuggi spoke with the cast about returning for one of summer's most-anticipated specials after one of their own, Sean "Poopies" McInerney, was attacked by a shark last year during a promo the crew was filming for Shark Week.

"It was crazy seeing the sharks again because I’ve been surfing and I’ve been getting in the ocean, but I haven’t been to Florida with their sharks, and the first time I saw a shark underwater again, I freakin' squeezed [Chris] Pontius' leg," Poopies shares. "I was terrified. I was terrified."

"But I got comfortable with it," he adds. "I just need time with it."

The attack was traumatizing for his castmates too, with Jasper Dolphin sharing that it was "all smiles" till they saw blood.

"It was all smiles until he hit the water, we were like, 'Yeah, Poopie, you did it!' And then you see the fin, and the shark and he's like, 'Ugh,' and literally, like Chris said, he put his hand up and it was just, like, hanging, and then the blood," Dolphin recalls. "I did the responsible thing, I took two steps back and let the medics do their thing."

While Jackass OG Johnny Knoxville said the attack could have "happened to anybody," he stressed that he and his crew are going to take some extra precautions this time around.

"Don’t worry, we're not going to chum up the waters near as much this time," Knoxville says.

Although the attack left Poopies hand pretty mangled, he's happy to be back at Shark Week.

"Severed every tendon and two main arteries, and eight months in physical therapy," he explains. "I can’t make a fist, but it’s there. I can hold onto my beach cruiser and ride my bike, and there’s not too much movement, but we're still good. I’m still surfing. I’m back at Shark Week."

This year, the crew will be heading to the Bahamas to do some science experiments with the sharks.

"We're interacting very closely with them, we're testing some shark repulsion methods," Pontius shares. 

"We made some homemade shark repellent," Poopies adds. 

The boys are gonna bust a move with the sharks too, holding a "shark disco" at the end of their time in the Bahamas.

"We're also going to do something that’s never been done before, we're going to have a shark disco," Pontius teases. 

You read that right, the Jackass crew is going to be dancing with sharks.

"Yeah, underwater," Poopies confirms. "And sharks don’t like lights or flashy things." 

"Oh, I would disagree, Poopies," Knoxville interjects.

"Or they do like them actually," Poopies  says.

For now, the disco is still a little touch and go, with Pontius adding that the crew may still have to "feel that one out."

See all the shark-loving madness go down when the Jackass crew returns for Shark Week July 24 on Discovery and streaming on Discovery+.