Jacob Tremblay Dreams of Being a Mongolian Goat Herder in 'Burn Your Maps' Trailer (Exclusive)

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Prepare to "aww," there's a new Jacob Tremblay movie coming out.

In Burn Your Maps, he plays Wes, an eccentric 8-year-old boy who dreams of being a Mongolian goat herder. As his family deals with issues on the home front, Wes and his mother (Vera Farmiga) set out on a journey across the globe, where they meet a displaced immigrant (God Friended Me's Suraj Sharma) and a "weird" nun (Virginia Madsen) and try to make their family whole again.

"If you ever realize you're not where you belong, don't be afraid. Leave it all behind," Wes sweetly says in the trailer, debuting here on ET.

Burn Your Maps, from writer-director Jordan Roberts (who scripted Big Hero 6) and based on the short story by Robyn Joy Leff, is in theaters and on demand on June 21. Check out the exclusive poster below.


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