Jake Gyllenhaal Does His Best Tom Holland Impersonation During Hilarious Game of 'First Impressions'

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal

And the 'Spider-Man' star doesn't totally love it.

It seems that Tom Holland isn't totally sold on Jake Gyllenhaal's impression of him.

The Spider-Man: Far From Home co-stars recently sat down to play a game of "First Impressions" with LADbible, which challenged the pair to do imitations of everything from famous people to animals, randomly chosen from a deck of cards, to see if the other could guess the impression.

As both stars admitted at the outset, neither feel very confident in their abilities as impressionists, but that didn't stop Gyllenhaal from delivering a hilarious physical caricature of his co-star when he pulled a card with Holland's name.

"Hey, I- I'm Spider-Man. Woooo," Gyllenhaal stuttered in an attempt to portray Hollands' adorkable public persona. 

Most of the rest of the impression just involved Gyllenhaal saying "woah," waving his arms, and repeating, "I'm Spider-Man" until his 23-year-old actor finally guessed his own name.

"That was good," Holland said, smiling, as he pantomimed Gyllenhaal's impression. "I do do that, all the time!"

"Do you?" Gyllenhaal asked?

"No," Holland said, shaking his head and moving on to his next card.

Another hilarious impression included Gyllenhaal's take on Al Pacino, in which he paraphrased the actor's infamous Scent of a Woman quote "Hoo-ah!" as "Booyah," before just saying, "Say hello to my little friend."

Holland technically got a point for guessing correctly when he answered "Scarface guy," implying that he somehow doesn't know Pacino's actual name.

However, the true scene-stealing impersonation wasn't Holland's attempts at imitating a crow or a dolphin, but rather Gyllenhaal's full-blown performance as a T-Rex, which included him commenting on his "tiny hands." 

You have to give the pair credit for having some great on-screen chemistry. Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters now.