Jake Gyllenhaal Reacts to ‘Jake Doing Things’ Memes: ‘Sandwiches Are Hilarious!’

Jake Gyllenhaal laughing at his memes

Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself. On Wednesday, he appeared on Conan where host Conan O’Brien noted that the Oscar-nominated actor keeps it so old school that he doesn’t have any social media.

“I’m a drag and drop kinda guy. I don’t know shorthand commands,” Gyllenhaal, 36, admitted. “I don’t like ‘Command Whatever’ to get the thing. I just take my mouse and drag it over. And my friends are generally embarrassed.” 

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O’Brien then noted that though Gyllenhaal keeps it old school, many of his fans are active on social media, referencing one meme account called “Jake Doing Things” that posts photos of the actor marveling at everyday life.

In one group of photos, a 2009 Gyllenhaal was amazed by the falling snow.

“Someone was sprinkling cocaine all over town, so you’d be amazed too!” he quipped in response.

And when another group of pics surfaced of him laughing at his sandwich, the actor declared, “Sandwiches are hilarious!”

Gyllenhaal certainly has no trouble humbling himself. During Friday’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he competed in an obstacle strength course to promote his new movie, Stronger, where he plays real-life Boston Marathon survivor Jeff Bauman.

Bauman was in the audience of The Ellen Show and joked about not wanting the actor to play him in the film. 

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“I was like 20th on the list, you were like 11th,” Gyllenhaal told DeGeneres.

For more from the actor watch the clip below: