James Brolin Reveals He Was Celibate for Three Years Before Marrying Wife Barbra Streisand

The actress and her husband open about their 25-year marriage and when they first met.

James Brolin and Barbra Streisand are opening up about their marriage and when they first got together. 

Brolin, 83, and Streisand, 81, did a sit-down interview at their home with CBS Mornings host Gayle King to promote the actress' memoir, My Name Is Barbra, which is out on Tuesday.

While discussing their 25th anniversary -- which they celebrated on July 1 -- the couple revealed that they almost didn't make it down the altar as Streisand was on the fence about Brolin. 

The actor admitted that following his near decade-long marriage to actress Jan Smithers, he remained celibate for three years until he tied the knot with the Funny Girl star in 1998. 

"I had been, literally it's a wild word, but I had been celibate for three years, saying 'who needs this,'" he said of his self-determined bout of abstinence.

"You're not supposed to tell that," Streisand replied, slapping her long-time husband on the knee over his confession. 

"For three years?" King, 68, responded in a surprised tone. 

"I had not had any interest in getting involved in a lousy situation," Brolin added. 

"After three years, that must have been a hell of a night then?" King joked. 

"Wild," Brolin responded, laughing along with Streisand. 

To mark their 25th wedding anniversary, Brolin wrote a letter to his wife which the couple shared with CBS Mornings

"Marrying you was just the best thing I've ever done," he said in his message. "I asked you three times." 

"You asked her three times?" King inquired. 

"I did, she wasn't sure about this idea," he responded. "Minimum three times." 

"Why, Barbra?" King asked the A Star Is Born actress. 

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"I don't know, I have to try them out first -- for at least two years," quipped Streisand, who was married once before to actor Elliot Gould from 1963 to 1971. 

King continued reading the heartwarming note Brolin wrote to his wife while celebrating their quarter-century together as a married couple. 

"Home is not a place, home is a person. You know someone is right for you if you love to be with them all the time," read his letter. "And when I go, when I finally go, I will love you then."