James Corden Explains Why He Waited 2 Years After 'Late Late Show' Hiring to Buy Furniture

James Corden
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Showtime/Motown

James Corden didn't think he'd last long as the host of The Late Late Show. The 42-year-old host appears on Friday's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, and reveals the extent to which he feared his firing after landing the late-night gig in 2015.

"When we moved here, my wife and I, we had two kids at that point, and I wouldn’t allow us to buy furniture," he says. "We rented all of our furniture."

Corden and his wife, Julia Carey, now have three kids, Max, 9, Carey, 5, and Charlotte, 2. Despite their growing brood, Corden insisted on the temporary furniture.

"I said to my wife Julia, 'I’m going to get fired, this won’t work. And as soon as we get fired, we’ll just want to get back to London, so we don’t want to be lumbered with a couch,'" he shares.

That mindset lasted two years. "Eventually my wife was like, 'Please can we buy some furniture?'" Corden recalls. "And I was like, 'OK, I think we are safe to buy furniture now.' 

"That’s been every day of my adult life, really," Corden admits. "I’ve thought I’m going to get fired at some point."

Corden actually considers his fear of getting fired "quite a healthy point of view" because it makes him appreciate what he has while he has it. 

"I think outside of even work, just in life, if you can constantly try to Google Earth yourself, realize where you are, realize what you are doing, fundamentally hang onto the very things that are important," he says. "Counting those blessings and checking your privilege and all those things I think are really useful and necessary things to do."

In fact, being honest about feelings and fears is one benefit Corden sees to the current woes in the world.

"I actually think that is one of the few positives you can take from coronavirus, is if you and I had talked a year ago I would say, 'How are you doing?' And you’d go, 'I’m great, everything’s great.' And I would go, 'Same, everything’s fantastic,'" Corden explains. "And actually there has been an amazing thing that has happened over these last past six, seven months where I will talk to friends of mine at home and I’ll go, 'How are you doing?' and they will go, 'You know what? I am struggling to be honest. I’m struggling.'"

"...That’s a great thing, to be able to say, 'This is how I feel,'" he adds. "That’s a really lovely thing that I hope we don’t lose when we are on the other side of this."


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