James Corden Scrapes Kim Kardashian's Car, Shakes Salads, Gets Filter Treatment as a Kardashian Assistant

The 44-year-old 'Late Late Show' comedian replaces the famous family's personal assistants for the day.

It's safe to say James Corden won't be stepping in for the Kardashian-Jenners' personal assistants again anytime soon. The 44-year-old host of The Late Late Show spent some time giving the famous family's personal assistants "a much-needed day off" in a sketch for the late-night show.

While Corden seemed intent on helping out, his execution tended to be off. When Kris Jenner requested a healthy shake, Corden threw in some veggies, teasing Kendall Jenner's viral cucumber moment by saying, "Unlike some members of this family, I know how to chop a cucumber."

However, he added some less-than-appealing shake ingredients, including white wine, chocolate raisins, apple cider vinegar, and Rice Crispies. Kris calls the concoction "f**king vile," and spits it out in the sink.

Corden then tries to help out Kim Kardashian, driving her to the local gas station for gummy bears and gum.

"Let's not draw too much attention," Kim warns.

"Well, no, we're just going to turn up in a dripping gray Rolls Royce, what could possibly bring attention to us?" Corden quips.

On the drive, Corden asks Kim about being Paris Hilton's closet organizer early in her career.

"Her closet was wild. You'd be going through things and she would have diamond necklaces shoved in a drawer and she wouldn't even know," Kim says of Paris. "She always had a change of clothes in her purse. She always had a bikini or a change of clothes."

On the drive back from the store, Corden hits a bump as he's pulling the Rolls Royce into the parking lot.

'The Late Late Show'

He looks embarrassed, saying, "It was a scrape!"

Kim gets out of the car, gasping and and kneeling down, saying, "James, the whole bottom is scratched!"

He rushes out of the car only to discover she's kidding.

'The Late Late Show'
'The Late Late Show'

Corden also mixes up a famous Kardashian signature salad with Khloe Kardashian, who shows the comedian just how much effort goes into the mixing. He then feeds her bites as she cracks up.

And Corden even gets some of the family's famous filter treatment as he films an aside interview for their Hulu series, The Kardashians.

For more Kardashian fun, watch the clip below.