James Corden Shows Jamie Dornan His ‘Play Room’ in Hilarious ‘Fifty Shades’ Spoof

The pair had quite the time on Tuesday’s ‘Late Late Show.’

Well that was certainly… steamy? Steam engines, that is.

On Tuesday night’s Late Late Show, James Corden poked some fun at the Fifty Shades franchise with star Jamie Dornan. In the spoof, the pair both stood outside a door in sharp suits.

“It’s just behind that door,” Corden says.

“What is?” Dornan asks.

“My play room,” Corden replies. “It’s important that you know that you can leave at any time.”

The pair then walked into the room, and Dornan took a moment to gasp at the sight before him. The room was filled with toy trains and tracks.

“Call me Signal Master,” Corden tells Dornan. “Yes, Signal Master,” Dornan responds. “And you’re my conductor,” Corden adds.

The two then get dressed in train conductor overalls and bandanas and frolic around the room with the trains.

Watch the clip to see the hilarious sketch now.

Dornan is preparing for the final installment of his racy franchise, Fifty Shades Freed. ET’s Cameron Mathison caught up with the cast in Paris where they opened up about the sultry franchise.

"I mean, there is a lot more of my body that's shown than Jamie's actually," star Dakota Johnson told ET, adding that "weirdly [Dornan]'s the one doing all the push-ups."

Dornan told ET, “It's tough in some respects, but it's also really nice and kind of bittersweet, I guess. I think when you finish any movie or TV series or whatever, you've invested so much [time] into the character and the job itself and the other actors and the crew."

For more exclusive content from the Fifty Shades Freed stars, watch the clip below below!