James Corden Still Hasn't Named His Baby Daughter -- But She Was Almost Legally 'Beyonce'

James Corden talks daughter

James Corden is back and now a father of three! The Late Late Show host, 39, returned to his show on Thursday night after taking some time off following the unexpected early arrival of his daughter.

“We went in for a routine check-up on Tuesday, and suddenly the doctors turned to us and said, ‘Oh no, this is probably happening today. And this baby could arrive in the next few hours.’ Which was a complete shock, we were unprepared,” Corden told his studio audience.

He went on to note that his work responsibilities proved to be problematic at the hospital, joking, “It’s a really terrible thing if you’re in a room and your wife is eight and a half months pregnant and the doctor’s talking to her about very serious things about giving birth, and there’s really no easy way to bring up the fact that you have to tape a show that day. Take my word for it, you can’t say that without sounding like a dick.”

Corden then turned to a close friend to help him out of the tight spot.

“So I did what I always do in a time of crisis, I called Harry Styles,” he joked of the musician who took over hosting duties on Tuesday. “I said, ‘You know, this works both ways, man. If you ever need me, I can fill in for you at one of your concerts, just say the word.’ And he said, ‘James, that won’t be necessary.’”

Corden was also complimentary but wary of Wednesday’s host, Bryan Cranston, saying, “He nailed every joke, he was quick on his feet, he was amazing with the guests, so needless to say, we will not be having him back. I’m not even joking. I watched the show last night. I was like, ‘I hope CBS isn’t watching this.”

As for his baby daughter, Corden said there’s still an important milestone he and his wife, Julia, haven’t reached yet.

“We still haven’t chosen a name for her yet,” he said. “After the baby was born, I was crying, my wife was crying her eyes out, the baby’s crying, and the doctor asked about a name. I don’t know why I said it, but I looked at the doctor and said, ‘We’re going to call her ‘Beyonce’.’ My wife did not think that was funny.”

It got worse when a nurse heard the name and began filling out paperwork.

“I had to go over to her and say, ‘Excuse me, there is only one Beyonce,’” Corden quipped.

He noted that life with a newborn gave him a unique opportunity, adding, “I finally got to experience The Late Late Show the way most of our TV audience does, which is having it on in the background while feeding a crying baby. I hope you’re OK out there!”

And the late night host ended on a light note, joking, “If anyone out there is wondering what to get me for Christmas, a vasectomy would be wonderful. I’ll take that! I think we’re done now.”

For more on Corden’s new baby girl, watch the clip below!


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