James Corden Teases Final Episodes of 'Late Late Show' With 'Major Pop Star' Guest (Exclusive)

Corden announced that he would be stepping away as host of the show this spring.

James Corden is promising nothing but great things with the end of his run as host of The Late Late Show. Over the weekend, ET spoke with the late-night host at PaleyFest, where he teased that the show is going out with a bang -- and a big star.

"My last guest is going to be huge pop star," Corden told ET. "There's some really fun things to come. Twelve shows, three Carpool Karaokes, last Crosswalk the Musical. A really big bit, with I think maybe the biggest movie star in the world."

Corden, 44, didn't drop any names when it came to revealing the celebrity guest. However, he shared that he and his team have filmed some final segments and have begun wrapping things up.

"Even thinking about it, I could cry my eyes out," the host said. 

Corden -- who took over the show in 2015 -- admitted that he is feeling all of the emotions in the run up to his departure. 

"It's such an exciting feeling and terrifying and it's just excited and scared at the same time," he said. "But I think that's probably when the most exciting things happen. I haven't been this scared since I decided to take the show and move to America to do it. And that's been a life-changing experience."

He added, "I'll miss it, I'll miss it every single day and I'll always think, 'Oh, that was a thing that I did ... how great.'" 

As for his time outside of the show, Corden admitted that he his primary focus is getting his family, which includes his wife, Julia, and their three kids, Max, 12, Carey, 8, and Charlotte, 5, settled back home in the U.K. 

"I just want to focus on my family and kids, and resettling them," he told ET. All the things that's going to come with such a big shift and change that's happening with our lives."

He added, "In truth, I haven't thought about anything past the show finishing other than I think I'm going to have to spend a bit of time and not rush into anything else."

Corden also shared the part of the show he will really miss as he says goodbye.

"I'm going to miss my friends and going into work every day and seeing what silly things we can come up," he said. "I think that how things end is important. It's going to be a really, really great end. We have so many fun things planned. I'm excited to do these last 12 shows. I'll forever be proud of it."