James Maslow Says Omarosa 'Really Was This Villain' Creating Chaos on 'Celebrity Big Brother' (Exclusive)

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James Maslow is surprisingly cool about getting evicted on Celebrity Big Brother's double elimination

ET's Brice Sander spoke with the Big Time Rush singer after he left the competition on Friday, where he revealed why he's not mad at Omarosa for voting him out -- even though he called her the show's biggest "villain." 

"As much as I want to argue with it because of course, I wanted to stay in there, it wasn't a bad choice," Maslow said. "The reality is, had I gotten through this one [I would have done well in the next competition], and had a really good chance, much better chance to go all the way to the end." 

"So it was a bummer, but there's also a sense of relief to go back to the real world as fun as that was, I miss talking to my own fans, I wanna go see my girl, my family," he added. "It's gonna be, you know, nice tonight."

As for Omarosa, who made a big move in getting Maslow out, the former Nickelodeon star doesn't hold a grudge. 

"I don't think Omarosa will make it all the way to the end," he revealed. "You know, she did get me out, but I have so much love for Omarosa as a person, and I hope that the rest of the world sees that, [but] she really was this villain." 

"She was everything that everyone was worried she was going to be, because she lied constantly, and I didn't really see a strategy with that. I just saw chaos," he continued. "She had two different sides in the house, which the majority of was so lovely and she was so  nice to me, but then there was the game side, the TV side, and she knows how to play that up." 

Maslow is thus rooting for Ross Mathews and Ariadna Gutierrez to win in Sunday's finale. "Ross has played a wonderful game. The social game's not going to matter much now, it's more competitions. Ari is in the best shape of everybody left right now, so maybe Ross and Ari [will make it to the end]," he reasoned. "Although I'm rooting for my boy, Mark [McGrath]!" 

One thing's for sure: Maslow will not be watching the feeds before casting his vote on Sunday. 

"I'll get all the feedback I need from my fans. Team Maslow, ya'll can tell me what's been up. I might watch a little bit, but my assistant has been on it, my sister is a fan and she's been watching it. I'm going to trust my family. I'm gonna turn to them," he shared. "There's no way I am thinking any more about Big Brother from here until Sunday." 

"I was there. I know everything I need to know about these people already, quite frankly," he continued. "I'm gonna see who won the competitions, I know the social game already. That is gonna be enough information for me to base my decisions on."

The season finale of Celebrity Big Brother airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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