Jamie Dornan Says 'Belfast' Might Change How 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Critics See Him (Exclusive)

Dornan spoke to ET about the buzzed-about film, and how he thinks this role might change the image he gained after 'Fifty Shades.'

Jamie Dornan is moving away from his Fifty Shades of Grey persona with his new movie, Belfast. ET's Cassie DiLaura spoke to Dornan about the highly anticipated film at the movie's L.A. premiere Monday night, where he talked about how Belfast might change how critics view him.

"I guess certain people have opinions about those films, negative opinions about those films, but this will maybe change people's opinions about that," Dornan said of his role in the Fifty Shades franchise. "Will this help? Maybe, but maybe not. People are entitled to their opinion, and they're entitled to their opinions about those films. But you just kick on and try to do the best you can do."

Dornan plays Pa in the film, the patriarch of a working class family navigating the political unrest that plagued Northern Ireland's capital city in the 1960s.

But the 39-year-old actor's harshest critics have to be his daughters -- Dulcie, 8, Elva, 5 and Alberta, 2 -- who have had plenty to say about his singing in the film. 

"I think my kids will always be my harshest critics, and I think that's a good thing also," he shared. "I sing around the house a lot. I'm probably quite irritating to be around too much, but to get to do that within my profession is fun too."

While Dornan plays a dad to two boys in Belfast, he told ET that he drew on his own experience as a father to take on the role of the protective parent he plays in the film.

"I guess the difference is that my kids are a wee bit younger," Dornan said. "I'm only capable of producing girls, but I'm a father of two boys in this, which is different I guess to a certain extent. Understanding what putting your family first means, making sacrifices and making big decisions based on the betterment of your family and the safety of your family, yeah, I can understand what that is. So, being able to apply that to the character is something I considered."

While Belfast is getting lots of awards buzz, Dornan said he's trying not to focus on that much.

"It's exciting, but I don't think it's about that. I think it's all about enjoying the job that you do," he explained. "It's really, like, sort of sports terminology, like take each job as it comes and enjoy each job while you're there. It's kind of a wee bit like that though. The rest of it is like, yeah if that happens, great, but you can't think about it too much."

See the actor in action when Belfast hits theaters Nov. 12.

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