Jamie-Lynn Sigler Glows in New Pregnancy Pic — See Her Huge Baby Bump!

The Sopranos star is expecting her second baby with MLB husband Cutter Dykstra and looks ready to pop!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is pregnant with her second baby and when we say pregnant, we mean really pregnant! 

The Sopranos star shared a new picture of her gigantic baby bump on Instagram with the caption “We’re getting there” and from the looks of it, she’s right.

Sigler first shared the new baby news publicly back in July, with a picture showing not one, not two, but five positive pregnancy tests.

“This is the actual pic I sent my husband this past Mother's Day while lying on the bathroom floor,” Sigler said on her post. “I had just returned from Israel, was jet lagged, and didn't believe my eyes. So had to obviously be 5x over sure. We are SO excited to announce the arrival of another little one in just a few short months.”

The family followed up the pregnancy announcement with a magical gender reveal video that was truly a family affair. The short clip featured Dykstra lobbing a perfect underhand pitch to the couple’s 3-year-old son, Beau, who hit it dead on. The ball was filled with blue dust, so when Beau smacked it out of the park, the baby’s gender was unveiled!

Sigler has been very vocal about her love of motherhood. Back in April, she spoke with ET about being a celebrity mom and her ongoing battle with MS

"Honestly, I found no difference between celebrity moms and non-celebrity moms," she noted. "We all face the same issues. There's no easier way to do mommyhood, you know? It's rough, it's amazing, it's every adjective you can think of."