Jamie-Lynn Sigler Shares Sex of Child No. 2 With Maybe the Best Baby Gender Reveal of All Time -- Watch!

Da ba dee, da ba daa....

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is here to restore your faith in baby gender reveals.

The pregnant Sopranos star announced the sex of her second child with husband Cutter Dykstra on Friday with a truly pitch-perfect video.

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"We are excited to announce, it's a...... video and edit by @donatiennela," the 36-year-old actress captioned the video, which plays out as follows: Dykstra puts his MLB skills to work, pitching a ball to the couple's 3-year-old son, Beau, who comes through with a real home run of a hit, sending the ball exploding into a magical dust bomb, the color of which coincides with the Eifel 65 song the entire video is set to....

BLUE (Da Ba Dee)! Yep, it's another boy for the happy family, who have officially raised the bar for any celeb couples looking to capitalize on all of pregnancy's Instagrammable moments. Seriously, don't do it unless it's this good.

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Meanwhile, Sigler spoke to ET about expanding her family earlier this year.
Watch the video below to see what she said.