Jamie Otis in 'Absolute Shock' After 19-Month-Old Son Hendrix Tests Positive for COVID

The 'Married at First Sight' alum says she and her family will quarantine together through Christmas.

Jamie Otis says she was in "absolute shock" the second she heard doctors say her and Doug Hehner's 19-month-old son, Hendrix, tested positive for COVID-19.

The Married at First Sight star shared the devastating update on Instagram that included other health ailments. Otis said she brought Hendrix to the hospital and had him "tested for everything under the sun to figure out what was making him so sick." Then came the shocking news.

"We found out the next day that he has COVID," Otis wrote on her lengthy and emotional Instagram caption. "Well, he has COVID, adenovirus, and rhinovirus but when I heard COVID I was in absolute shock and instantly began crying."

Following news of the diagnosis, Otis expressed concern for her in-laws because they were now exposed to the virus.

"Being that they're older and my [father-in-law] is diabetic, my heart sank knowing they'd been exposed," Otis said.

The good news, Otis says, is her in-laws are vaccinated and "already got the booster shot." She said she's praying they don't get sick. As for Hendrix, Otis says he seems to be getting better each day, especially after the family spent the last few days trying to keep his fevers under control because "he seems to have those seizures when his temperature gets high and then lowers quickly."

The news, however, is bringing a halt to the family's holiday plans. Otis said they'll quarantine until at least the day after Christmas. "It's definitely gonna be sad to miss Christmas with family but we aren't willing to risk getting anyone else sick," she added.

For the second year in a row, COVID has drastically changed the family's plans. Otis and Hehner spoke to ET back in 2020 about how having an at-home birth was never part of the original plan for them. In the end, however, a healthy baby Hendrix was born on May 13.

For now, Otis is cautiously optimistic Hendrix will pull through, and takes solace in that he's wanting to stay close to her.

"[E]very mama knows the snuggles are long and sweeeet when our babies are sick," she said. "Definitely taking advantage of my rambunctious boy curling up on my lap and staying for longer than a second."