Jared Leto Has Funny Response When Asked If He'd Ever Do a Rom-Com

Leto has primarily taken on dramatic roles in the past.

Jared Leto is all about a movie transformation, but would the 50-year-old Oscar winner ever consider playing the male lead in a traditional rom-com?

Don't hold your breath. 

The House of Gucci star appeared on Thursday's The Late Late Show With James Corden, where Corden asked Leto if there was "any bit" of him that would be interested in doing a straightforward rom-com. 

"The honest answer is no," Leto replied, smiling.

"But why? Why would you not want to do that?" Corden pressed. 

"Just the same reason I don't want to eat a bag of Sour Patch Kids and a pizza at the same time," Leto quipped. "I'm not saying it's not going to taste good going down."

"I gotta tell ya, bro, we're all gonna die," Corden jokingly replied.

"Maybe some of us sooner rather than later," Leto said. 

He later clarified, "I'm joking. I would love to do something romantic and funny. We'll see. Maybe there's something around the corner, who knows." 

Leto, who plays Paolo Gucci in House of Gucci, also talked about being unrecognizable in the role.

"I like transformation. I like to see other actors do that and I like immersive experiences, not just with acting but with music and a lot of different things," he explained. 

Back in November, ET spoke with Leto about co-starring with Adam Driver in the new film. 

"He's a great actor and it was really fun to go toe-to-toe with him, to get in the ring with him, and he made just the perfect partner," Leto shared. "So yeah, I'm really happy."

For more, watch the clip below: