Jason Alexander, D.B. Woodside & More Share Famous Roles They Were Almost Cast In in Fun Twitter Thread

Jason Alexander and DB Woodside
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A slew of stars responded to the thread, sharing the roles they were close to getting and why they didn't work out.

Several stars are sharing the acting roles they were extremely close to getting and the hilarious reasons they didn't work out. It started after The Handmaid's Tale actress, Ever Carradine, took to Twitter to ask her fellow actors to share a TV show or movie they almost landed that no one would ever believe.

"Actors: What is a show or movie you came extremely close to getting that no one would ever believe? I’ll go first: I tested for Grace on Will and Grace three or four times," Carradine tweeted.

The anecdotes started rolling in, with actors sharing some major casting what-ifs, like Jason Alexander almost playing the role of Lieutenant Sam Weinberg in A Few Good Men.

"I was cast in the film of A Few Good Men and had to give it up due to schedule conflict with Seinfeld. @kevinpollak was my replacement and I have never forgiven him for being better than I would have been. Now he’s a pal and I’m waiting for him to quit a job for me. Waiting.....," Alexander jokingly replied.

Lucifer's D.B. Woodside revealed that he was almost Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy! The role of McDreamy was down to Patrick Dempsey and Woodside. But that's not the only shocker. Woodside blew our minds again when he shared that he was also almost Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds

"Dr. Derek Shepard on Grey's Anatomy. It was between Patrick and I. Really thought I had it. Broke my heart to lose that one. But he was AMAZING," he wrote. "And Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. I got it. Passed on it. Twice. To do a pilot that never went anywhere. Man facepalming Shemar was also AMAZING."

Mom actress Kristen Johnston shared that she passed on two shows that turned out to be major hits after her time on 3rd Rock From the Sun. Johnston didn't reveal which shows but said in the end, the right people got the roles.

"After 3rd Rock, I was offered & passed on 2 shows that turned out to be brilliant, massive hits that ran for years, but I don’t want to say which ones out of respect to the phenomenal actresses who were eventually cast. In the end, the right people got the roles," she shared.

For more crazy casting what-ifs, check out the tweets below.