'Lucifer': Aimee Garcia and DB Woodside Spill Season 5 Secrets (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the two actors about what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes.

Lucifer is -- almost -- back and Aimee Garcia and DB Woodside are spilling details on what fans can expect in season 5! The Netflix show's previous season left off with a massive ending, revealing that Lucifer has a twin named Michael, who will pose as his brother and steal his life.

"Jaw dropping! Silence! Could hear a pin drop, gasping," Garcia told ET’s Katie Krause about the major reveal, in which lead Tom Ellis portrays dual characters. "It's one of those things where you always expect a big bad to come in from an outside source, a new guest star, but to have our headliner also be the big bad?! ... It's a big mind F... but it's also true to the biblical story... It's such a brilliant move that no one saw coming, including ourselves."

Now that Lucifer's twin has been unleashed on Earth, how will it affect Lauren German's Chloe Decker's, Garcia's Ella Lopez and Woodside's Amenadiel, who don't look too pleased about the situation in the season 5 trailer?

"We're all one big dysfunctional family, and if people go back to season 4, there's a scene between Amenadial and Dr. Linda, and they're trying to think up names for their baby," Woodside explained. "And one of the names proposed was Michael... Amenadial's not a fan of Michael's at all... I think it's safe to say Amenadial prefers Lucifer over Michael."

Woodside also added that when his character and Linda (Rachael Harris) were talking about baby names for their son Charlie, the possibility of a Michael and Lucifer's twin was something he never even thought about.

"Michael comes to the show and Michael causes some havoc... a considerable amount of drama. So it's gonna be fun," he added, noting that Amenadiel is one of the first characters to realize that Michael isn't Lucifer.

As for Garcia, she explained that Ella is "so pissed" at Lucifer at the end of season 4 and might be tricked by Michael's appearance.

"She is so upset that she may or may not be taking off her shoe and hitting him over and over again in his chest. I cannot confirm nor deny, but poor Tom did take a beating," she cracked. "Tom's like, 'OK, I don't think the camera's on me. Maybe we don't have to,' because I really went for it. So Ella's very upset. Ella feels really betrayed."

"Ella sees Lucifer like her older brother and to just have him peace out like that -- she's like his little buddy -- so she feels really upset about it," she continued. "She really is like his younger sister and when he just skips town she is just so mad! But as we know about Ella, she wears her heart and emotion on her sleeve, so she let you know and she may or may not have left a couple of bruises. I know Lucifer heals fast, but there were still some bruises from Ella's new shoe on his chest, which we shall see in season 5."

When asked if there will be moments between Chloe and Michael that would make Lucifer upset, Garcia quipped, "How much fun would a show like ours be if that, hypothetically, wasn't explored?!"

As for a possible kiss between the two? "I can honestly say that if Chloe and Michael kissed, I would imagine Lucifer would be quite upset…You're just gonna have to watch," said Woodside, with Garcia adding, "If it did happen -- big 'IF' -- let's just say it would be scorched Earth, because the Devil can do that."

Meanwhile, the two did confirmed that Lucifer does indeed come back during Part A, but as for when, exactly, the actors stayed mum. Garcia and Woodside, however, did tease that when he does come back, "for him, hundreds of years have passed, I believe. And so being down in Hell for that long, I think it really, really affects a person," said Woodside.

As for Michael, he has his own dangerous plans. "Michael has an agenda. And, it's gonna take us a little while before we realize what his agenda really is," Woodside teased. "But his agenda is extremely dangerous. And it's gonna take the entire family to disrupt Michael's agenda."

Watch the video above for even more on Michael's appearance and season 5 secrets. Lucifer season 5, Part A streams Aug. 21 on Netflix.



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