'Lucifer' Asks Chloe How to Break Up With Eve in This Season 4 Deleted Scene (Exclusive)

Surprise! Here's a never-before-seen moment from the Netflix series.

Surprise! While we wait for new episodes of Lucifer to drop sometime in the near future, here's a never-before-seen moment from the most recent season to keep us warm and cozy while we're in quarantine.

In ET's exclusive first look at a season 4 deleted scene from the eighth episode, "Super Bad Boyfriend," Lucifer (Tom Ellis) laments to Chloe (Lauren German) about how difficult it is to break up with Eve (Inbar Lavi) after being told of the prophecy. The prophecy, viewers will remember, foretold that when the Devil walks the Earth and finds his true love -- which was always thought to be Eve, but is actually Chloe -- evil will be wrought as long as the king of Hell remains absent. Hence, why Lucifer ends up returning to netherworld in the finale.

"I didn't tell you about the prophecy just so you could break up with Eve... although I do think you're doing the right thing," Chloe tells Lucifer in the deleted scene, trying to downplay her feelings. "I'm here to support you in any way I can."

"Thank you...," a dazed Lucifer says in response, as they walk down the street.

"Well, it must've been hard, the break-up. How did it go?" Chloe asks.

"Good, good. Now we're adopting a cat and looking at houses in Encino," he quips.

When Chloe asks if he's changed his mind about breaking up with Eve, he agrees it's still the right move and what he wants is simply "irrelevant."

"I need to break up with her in order to restore things back to the way they were," Lucifer reaffirms. "And, you know, save humanity. it's just going to be a bit more difficult than I first thought. That's all."

But Chloe's expression says it all. Watch ET's exclusive scene above to see how it all plays out.

Lucifer: The Complete Fourth Season is available on Digital on Monday, May 11 and on DVD on Tuesday, May 12.

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