Jason Biggs & Jenny Mollen Answer Each Other's Questions About Life Together in Quarantine (Exclusive)

ET had the Hollywood couple interview one another and the pair got adorably candid.

Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen are making quarantine work in their own special way. The pair recently agreed to interview each other amid the pandemic, and they opened up about life together and their adorable nearly 13-year marriage.

"We've been married a long time and have been living in this pandemic together for almost a year. What is the best and worst part of going through pandemic life with me?" Biggs asked his wife with whom he shares two sons -- Sid, 6, Lazlo, 3.

"My god. I would say, the best thing is that you've been around, you've been able to help out you've been involved," Mollen shared, delicately. When pressed on what the worst part has been, Mollen quipped, "It was in the first [thing]. It's that you have been around."

Next it was Mollen's turn to pose a question: "We have been in a pandemic, for almost a year with a six-year-old ... and a three-year-old. Who would you say of the two of us is better at homeschooling?"

"Actually I would say that it is an even split," Biggs admitted. "I am a little bit more rigid when it comes to, 'OK, it's time to start your class,' and I will work out the Zoom."

The pair also reflected on spending Valentine's Day together while on lockdown, and Biggs asked Mollen what she remembers most about when she first met him.

"I actually brought a little something. This is what I remember about meeting you. You wore this super sexual Bobby Jones sweater vest," Mollen said, pulling out the sweater vest in question.

"Why do you have this?" Biggs asked.

"I kept this because it was so baffling to my mind, like, I could not compute what I was looking at that it just felt like something that I might need later in life, you know?" she replied. "Like say 2021 when I’m giving an interview to ET. I needed others to know that this is what he thought would woo me."

"By the way it worked," Biggs joked. "So I think this makes you look bad."

Biggs later brought up his new Fox gameshow Cherries Wild, and asked Mollen, "What do you think makes me the perfect fit to host a game show?"

"Oh, my God, I feel like you were born to host a game show," she shared. "Because you overreact, you're, like, hysterical, you get so overexcited about things, you flip out, you love giving away other people's money."

Cherries Wild premieres Sunday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.