Jason Derulo Knocks Out Will Smith’s Front Teeth With a Golf Club in Viral TikTok

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Jason Derulo's recent golf lesson from Will Smith took a shocking turn. Derulo, 30, took to TikTok on Sunday to share what happened when the 51-year-old actor tried to help him improve his golf swing.

After setting up his club and bending his knees per Smith's instructions, Derulo performs his swing at the same time that Smith cautions, "Don't swing yet."

Derulo's swing hits Smith square in the mouth, with the latter man crawling over the camera and smiling, thus revealing his chipped and missing front teeth.

"You ought to put some ice on that," Derulo says.

As the 30-year-old singer tries to leave, Smith makes him stay, insisting, "It's my turn."

Smith then sets up his swing and let's it go, hitting Derulo between his legs.

"I don't like this game," Derulo captioned the clip.

Smith shared the video as well, joking in the caption, "And we never saw @jasonderulo again."

"I know a good dentist... text me back," Derulo commented.

Smith also shared a selfie with Derulo on Instagram, showing off his newly chipped teeth.

"I gotta stop inviting @jasonderulo over," he quipped.

"[He's] embracing his new smile," Derulo wrote alongside his post of the pic.

While it's not known if the video of Smith's teeth getting knocked out is fake or real, Derulo had a similar experience back in May when he seemingly chipped his own tooth when he attempted to eat corn on the cob off of a drill. Watch the video below to see how the singer looked after his experiment.


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