Jason Derulo Says He Was 'Starting to Get Baby Fever' Before Meeting His Girlfriend

Jason Derulo
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

The singer opened up to Drew Barrymore about his excitement over soon becoming a dad.

Jason Derulo is really looking forward to becoming a dad. The singer and his girlfriend, Jena Frumes, recently revealed that they are expecting a baby boy, and he "could not be more excited."

Derulo sat down on The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday, and opened up about how it could not be more perfect that they are going to be welcoming their first child.

"I think everything happens in the right time," Derulo, 31, shared. "I was just starting to, like, really get baby fever, I guess with age, and you meet someone you really really connect with, and it happened at just the right time."

Derulo and Frumes started dating around the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year, and the pair posted their pregnancy announcement on social media back in March. Shortly thereafter, they revealed they are expecting a boy with a giant fireworks display at a massive reveal party in the Bahamas.

Looking back at his desire to become a dad, Derulo said he first felt the drive when he began reflecting on his career.

"I think I’ve done so much in my life right? And I’ve been able to accomplish a lot, so at this point in my life I’m like, 'OK, now who do I share it with?'" he explained. "Also, there is no men to carry my name. My brother had all girls, my sister had girls, so there’s no more Derulos. I needed to make it happen because somebody’s got to carry the name."

As for Frumes, Derulo shared that it "hasn’t been a tough pregnancy" for his ladylove, adding that she's "been really, really good."

"The worst thing that happens is he just kicks a lot," the expectant dad explained. "Whenever he hears music he just starts dancing. I want to do a TikTok on it because I just picture him in there just getting it!"

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